Naughty Professor Shares Extensive Live Bundle For Free On BitTorrent

first_imgNaughty Professor is doing it right in 2016! As the band continues to work on a new album that features Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), David Shaw (The Revivalists), Nigel Hall and more, they’ve got some exciting new jams to share.Titled “In The Flesh,” the New Orleans-based jazz/funk group has shared an incredible bundle of content through BitTorrent exclusively. The bundle is comprised of live audio, behind the scenes tour footage, and more!After building a staunch reputation for their high-energy performances, this marks the band’s full official live recording. The bundle is packed full of exclusive content, and is the first wave of audio/video releases expected to come from the band this year. Download the bundle here.Don’t miss Naughty Professor on the road! Tour dates can be seen below, and more information can be found via the band’s website.last_img read more

Pink Floyd To Reissue Their Entire Discography On 180-Gram Vinyl

first_imgFans of Pink Floyd have something to celebrate today, as the group has announced major plans to reissue their entire discography on vinyl. For the first time in over two decades, fans will have access to new prints of the band’s more rarer albums, as each entry in the band’s prolific catalog will be pressed and preserved on 180-gram vinyl.The re-release begins on June 3rd, when the band shares The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, More, and Ummagumma on vinyl. The new releases are also intended to replicate the original packaging. Additional batches of re-released albums will come througout the year, with releases coming in regular intervals.In total, Pink Floyd released 15 albums, starting with Piper in 1967 and ending with Endless River in 2014. Both Roger Waters and David Gilmour have performed the band’s songs in concert, though Waters officially left the band in 1985. Gilmour’s most recent tour was in support of his solo album, Rattle That Lock, where he played mostly new material but peppered his setlists with Pink Floyd classics.For fans of Pink Floyd and of vinyl, this is a great step from the psychedelic rock band. All albums will be released on Pink Floyd’s own record label, Pink Floyd Records, and were remastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman.last_img read more

Philly’s Live From The Lot With Soulive, Snarky Puppy And More Is Right Around The Corner

first_imgWith Philly venue Ardmore Music Hall‘s annual Live From The Lot quite literally right around the corner next weekend, May 21st and 22nd, there is more than just a few reasons to look forward to one of the best “neighborhood festivals” of the early summer. With a stellar lineup of some of the jam/funk/electronica’s best acts, you can bet this is going to be a great way to kick off the summer season in the City of Brotherly Love. There will be some good food and craft beers out on the Lot, to go with performances from acts such as Soulive, Snarky Puppy, The Revivalists, Electron, Marco Benevento, Foundation of Funk (ft. members of The Meters and Lettuce), Pink Talking Fish and a whole lot more where that came from (purchase tickets HERE)Snarky Puppy, Revivalists & More Announced For AMH’s Live From The Lot FestivalWe decided to take a look at a few items on the schedule to whet your appetites for this neighborhood blowout. Our friends at the Ardmore know how to do things right. Check it out:Soulive and FriendsWhen you have friends like Karl Denson, Nigel Hall and The Snarky Puppy Horns, you’re doing alright for yourself. Eric Krasno and the brothers Evans (Neal and Alan) may not be the heaviest touring band, but when they decide to take the stage together, it doesn’t get much better. With their scheduled friends, and getting ready to drop their new Pretty Lights produced album, you can bet on this set being some straight hot sauce. It’s all in the family with this crew.Check out “Povo” from the Soulive/Karl D. collaborative album Spark!:Snarky Puppy Not Just Once, But Twice!Coming off yet another well-received release with Culcha Vulcha, the Snarky Puppy cooperative shows no signs of slowing down. The group received their second Grammy Award in February, winning Best Contemporary Instrumental album for Sylva, a collaborative album with the world famous Dutch Metropole Orchestra. And not only is the Puppy playing on Saturday with special guest Charlie Hunter, but they will be back on Sunday for a second set.Snarky Puppy Makes Triumphant Studio Return On ‘Culcha Vulcha’ [Review/Stream]Brunch With Steve KimockFrench Toast, Bacon, Bloody Mary’s (or Mimosa’s, whichever floats your boat), and Kimock? Yes, Please, and Thank You! Whoever had this idea should be given an award. The guitarist will be bringing along John Morgan Kimock, Anders Alfelt, and Leslie Mendelson for what we all know is going to be an intimate and incredible performance. Purchase tickets to the very special brunch date with Steve Kimock and company HERE.Triple serving of Tom HamiltonOne of the hardest working musicians in the game today, Philly’s own Son of Jam will be playing three separate sets, with his own American Babies, Disco Biscuits side project Electron, and with a rad (no, not that RAD) Everyone Orchestra lineup that will feature Aron Magner, Marco Benevento, Zigaboo Modeliste, David Shaw, and many more. We think T-Ham will deserve a day off by the time Live On The Lot comes to a close.Tom Hamilton’s American Babies new video “Fever Dreams” from their latest album A Battle Between Light & Dark:What The Live From The Lot Team Is SayingWe spoke with Chris Perella, Managing Partner of Ardmore Music Hall about Live From The Lot:With regards to the up and coming bands: “Swift Technique is a powerhouse of funk and between The Blockley and Ardmore Music Hall, our staff has been working with them to spread their gospel for a long time; it’s a proud opportunity to feature them with the likes of Snarky Puppy, Karl Denson and Soulive. Superhuman Happiness are under the radar on Saturday- but they’re accomplished, terrific musicians with Stuart from Antibalas leading the charge. They’ll pair with Marco to throw some really dancey, poppy curveballs into the jazz and funk that day.”What makes Live From The Lot unique: “For starters, it’s an urban event! We have the best of both worlds in my opinion, because Ardmore is a pretty and relaxed town, but Live from the Lot is basically in Philadelphia and the train is 15 minutes from 30th Street, the main transpo hub, to the event gates. Besides having a lineup of legendary funky talent that we’re proud of, I think this is a nice alternative to the concept of festivals being distant from real life. We’re all living this kind of celebratory music in our real lives on a daily basis and we can bring it to a whole lot of fans in the area who can incorporate it into theirs, without the commitment of a destination weekend.”Depending on where you are coming from, you can take the SEPTA Regional Rail, which makes a stop quite literally at the festival. Add on sets from The Greyboy Allstars, Pimps of Joytime, Superhuman Happiness, High & Mighty Brass Band, and more, Philly sounds like the right place to be next weekend. See you on The Lot!                       **** For more information about Live From The Lot, check the festival website HERE ****Enter To Win Two Tickets To Live From The Lot. Plus…1st Place:+2 Tickets To All Add-On Shows+A Round Of Drinks+Ardmore Music Hall Swag2nd Place:+2 Tickets To Add-On Show Of Your Choice3rd Place:+2 Tickets To Any AMH Show In JuneEnter below, then share to increase your chances of winning!last_img read more

Tool, Primus & More Announced On Aftershock Festival Lineup

first_imgSacramento’s Monster Energy Aftershock Festival has announced its initial lineup. Taking place at Discovery Park, the two-day event will Feature acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Disturbed on October 22nd and 23rd this fall. The festival features an impressive array of hard rock and heavy metal bands; of note, the lineup on Saturday pairs Tool and Primus with metal legends Slayer, Meshugga, and Anthrax.Check out the full lineup below, and click here for tickets and more information.last_img read more

Ruido Fest Brings Diverse Latin American Music To Chicago [Gallery/Review]

first_imgLoad remaining images It’s not too often that you can go to a festival and see bands from all over Latin America but that is exactly what Ruido Fest successfully achieved. In fact, you might as well call it Noise Fest because ruido means noise in Spanish. But this was all good noise. Bringing in bands from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Spain, and more, Ruido Fest is the USA’s first and only Alternative Latin music festival. Held in Addams/Medill Park on Chicago’s South Side over the July 8-10 weekend, fans of music that attended were treated to a very fun experience.So what exactly is an alternative Latin music festival? The answer is as diverse as the Spanish-speaking parts of the world are. The first group I caught on Friday was Miranda!, an electropop group from Argentina. Featuring both male and female lead singers, this group played a fun set that was pleasing to the ears. If you have ever been to a discoteca somewhere in Latin America, you have probably heard one of their songs like Perfecta or Don! Next for the day was Gondwana, a reggae-ska band from Chile. Before even hearing their music, the most noticeable thing about them is their singer, specifically his hair. He has dreads, which isn’t too uncommon, but his dreads are super long. How long? They reach below his knees. Some would say it would have taken years to grow them that long but I would say decades. Gondwana sounded really good, their reggae rhythms pulsating throughout the park. They played tunes that the crowd enjoyed, but nothing was as good as the song they closed the set with- Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved. It was an awesome rendition. After the reggae band was Carla Morrision, an indiepop singer whose soulful ballads aroused plenty of cheer from the crowd. Her music was slower and gentler than anything previous, but it was a nice touch. On one of the smaller stages was DJ Silverio. His electronic music produced was good but not nearly as exceptional as his character. Sporting long hair, a mustache, and only red underwear, the facial expressions the guy made were priceless. The culmination of the night came with the Mexican ska band Pantéon Rococó. Their energy levels were off the charts as they played frenetic song after frenetic song, seemingly topping each previous tune. They were fun and certainly got the crowd riled up. So in the first day of the alternative Latin music festival, there were electropop, reggae, indiepop, and ska genres, and of course all were mixed with traditional Latin musical styles. It was a very good first day.Saturday kept the party going. The group Estelares was one of the first to perform. They did a great job of producing good ol’ fashioned rock-n-roll. They were wearing t-shirts of bands like The Beatles and The Ramones, so you know where some of their influences came from. Yokozuna followed. A two-piece experimental acid rock band from Mexico, these guys were similar to the Mars Volta. When the guitarist was having technical issues at the beginning of the set, fans were treated to an extended drum solo by a drummer who made sure to entertain with his beats and his facial contortions. Jenny and the Mexicats were perhaps the most eclectic of the bands, as they had nationals from Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Each respective place of origin and subsequent musical upbringing molded their own sound into a fantastic hybrid of all sorts of genres. My personal favorites, Los Cafres, brought their reggae/ska tunes to the festival. Playing their hits such as “Si El Amor Se Cae,” “No Puedo Sacarte de mi Mente,” and “Tus Ojos,” their set couldn’t be enjoyed anymore. Natalia Lafourcade wielded an especially melodic acoustic guitar, and coupled with her beautiful voice she serenaded the crowds without interruption. Saturday night closed out with the Mexican ska band Maldita Vecindad. The first thing that could be noticed was the large quantity of liquid that went flying in the air. It didn’t matter if it was beer, water, soda, or anything else; if it could be thrown, it was. If you weren’t careful, an elbow could strike your person. Mosh pits abounded during each and every song. Musically they were a ton of fun, and they certainly knew how to get the crowd energized.Sunday featured more top notch Latin acts such as Marineros, La Santa Cecilia, Los Pericos, Aterciopelados, and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Besides the music though, over the course of the three days there were plenty of fun things to get involved in. There was a wrestling ring that you could hop in if you felt the need to slam someone and there were some cool art installations if you were feeling particularly creative. And if you were hungry, there were plenty of Latin vendors that could serve up food from any of the Latin cultures. In sum, Ruido Fest was a super fun time. Even if you don’t know much Spanish besides “hola” and “cerveza” you could still easily enjoy the music, ambiance, and atmosphere of the festival. Hopefully this is one that sticks around for a long, long time.************************************************A todo el mundo le encanta los festivales de música como Lollapalooza, Cochella, y Bonnaroo. Y todos son muy divertidos, pero ¿qué onda con la música latina? ¿Cuándo podemos disfrutar de nuestros grupos favoritos de latinoamerica? Ya por fin tenemos respuesta. Por un fin de semana en Chicago, un montón de grupos que son originarios de EEUU, México, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, y de más lugares llegaron a Addams/Medill Park para rockear como nunca antes. Se llama Ruido Fest, y fué un super éxito como festival de música latina alternativa.Entonces el festival se llevó a cabo por tres días en julio, del 8 hasta el 10. El viernes fue el primer día. Llegando a Addams/Medill Park, con la música subiendo de volumen con cada paso, me di cuenta de que yo estuve donde tuve que estar. Entrando inmediatamente fui a escuchar Miranda!, un grupo electropop de Argentina, tocaba hits como Déjame, Perfecta, y Don! La verdad yo no sabía nada de Miranda! antes de este día pero yo reconocí muchas de sus rolas, algo que confirma que Miranda! es un grupo con muchos éxitos. Fue un SET muy divertido. Después de Miranda! fui corriendo a otro escenario para escuchar los ritmos de reggae de Gondwana. Un grupo de Chile, esta banda si reconozco toda sus rolas. Tocaba Felicidad, Tan Dulce Es Tu Amor, y Sentimiento Original. El cantante puede cantar muy bien, y también me distraje con sus dreadlocks. O sea llegan hasta las rodillas! Y uno de los mejores momentos del festival pasó cuando Gondwana cerró su set con una rendición perfecta de Could You Be Loved por Bob Marley. El grupo hizo justicia a la clásica canción de Marley. De reggae a indiepop, Carla Morrison siguió con la música. Ella sabe tocar la guitarra y si sabe cantaar muy bien. Y claro que si sabe mover la cadera! El DJ Silverio era un visto raramente visto. O sea su música electrónica es divertida, pero su persona es algo de pelos! Solo tenía puesto un tanga roja, y las caras que hizo era chistosas. La noche de viernes terminó con Pantéon Rococó, un grupo de ska que viene de Mexico. No hay ninguna manera de explicar su set aparte de que ¡estaba lleno de energía! Con un mosh pit en acción, el grupo tocaba canción tras canción que excitaba cada vez más a los fans. Me encantó muchísimo como el grupo anadió temas como Los Simpson y Rocky al final de sus rolas. Pantéon Rococó llamó la atención a muchos asuntos políticos, llamando a muchas personas “¡CULEROS!” Aunque algunos se quejan que el grupo no tocó su mejor hit La Carencia, yo me divertí y no tengo ninguna queja de su música.Él sábado empezó más temprano a la una, regalando a los fans aun más tiempo para disfrutar de la música. El grupo Estelares compartía su version de rock en el Coors Stage. Tenían puesto camisas de grupos legendarios como Los Beatles y los Ramones, asi que no hay ninguna duda de quienes son los grupos que influyeron su música. Estelares cerró su set con una canción que se llama Un Día Perfecto, y fue muy adecuado con el sol brillando y una chela bien fria en la mano. El próximo grupo del día era Yokozuna. Este grupo lo conforman dos hermanos, uno que toca guitarra y otro la batería. El guitarrista tenía problemas con su amplificador, asi que su set empezó con un drum solo bien largo. Era muy entretenido ver las caras del baterista. Cuando ya sirvió el amplificador y el guitarista podia añadir su parte, los sonidos semejantes a Mars Volta les hicieron a los fans sonreir. Jenny and the Mexicats fueron los próximos. Un grupo muy difícil de categorizar, tocaba su música que solo se puede describir como una mezcla de folk, flamenco, indie, y cumbia. Y eso tiene sentido ya que los miembros del grupo vienen de diferentes sitios como España, México, y el Reino Unido. Jenny, la cantante y trompetista del grupo, si sabe como emocionar a las multitudes. Ayuda que es guapísma. Si acaso lees esto Jenny, te saldrías conmigo una noche?!? Otro grupo del día fue Sexy Zebras, un grupo más duro y oscuro. Suena a los Shins, y es un grupo muy entretenido. La verdad, en este momento del día el grupo que mas quería ver yo estaba a punto de tocar. Ya llevo años esperando verlos en vivo. Una década, y ya era hora de Los Cafres. Un grupo reggae de Argentina, tienen tantos éxitos que no se puede nombrar todos. Y no decepcionó para nada. En mi opinión su hora de música era lo mejor! Empezando su set con la rola Es La Música, los músicos salieron el escenario primero, despues salió el cantante cuando comenzó la letra de la canción. Es la música lo que genera la vida, estoy de acuerdo. Siguió con hits como Imposible, Dale, y Momento. Todo el mundo ayudó en cantar No Puedo Sacarte de mi Mente. Otro gran momento fue cuando tocó Tus Ojos porque no hubo ni un solo cuerpo que no se movía al ritmo. Con la rola de Si El Amor Se Cae, casi estaba a punto de llorar porqe era tan bonito. Cerró su set con Receta y la gran sonrisa que tenía en la cara solo creció aun más grande. Con mi grupo favorito acabando, me quedé para ver Natalia Lafourcade. Ella es muy linda y produce canciónes que relajan al corazón. El último acto del día, Maldita Vecindad, trajo mucha energía al festival. El grupo ska de México no paraba de tocar rolas que pusieron a la gente a bailar. Aparte, no se podia mantener seco porque la gente tiraba agua, cerveza, y todo tipo de liquid en el aire para demonstrar el amor para el grupo. Maldita Vecindad no es un grupo que quieres perderte. Al final, fue un sabadazo de música.Desafortunadamente no pude llegar el domingo, pero es seguro que era otro día super genial con grupos como Marineros, La Santa Cecilia, Odiseo, Aterciopelados, Los Pericos, y los Fabulosos Cadillacs.En fin es obvio que la música fue lo mejor, pero había otras cosas chidas para entretenerte. Había lucha libre, incluso ¡tu te podías subir para luchar! Había comida muy rica de restaurants de Chicago, y había muchos patrocinadores que regalaron actividades divertidas a la gente. Entonces Ruido Fest fue un super éxito. Lo único que sé es que no lo voy a perderlo el próximo verano. Si te late buena música latina, tú tampoco te lo perderás. ¡Gracias Ruido Fest para un fin de semana inolvidable!Photos by Ojeda Photography.last_img read more

Robert Plant, Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, & More Join Forces To Raise Awareness Of The Refugee Crisis

first_imgMore than 175 artists from across the musical spectrum have banded together in a new video that attempts to raise awareness of the ongoing worldwide refugee crisis. The video, which features worldwide superstars such as Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen, and Sting (among others), is called “We Are Not Afraid.”.The goal is to raise funds for the refugee crisis and for victims of religious and political violence around the world. The video’s soundtrack features a song by Nigerian artist Majek Fashek, also called “We Are Not Afraid.”Other artists that appear in the video are Patti Smith, Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Nile Rodgers, Buddy Guy, Brian May, Bonnie Raitt, Questlove, Pussy Riot, George Clinton, Fiona Apple, Thurston Moore, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore, as well as famous actors Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, and Fred Armisen, and long time activist Yoko Ono.All money raised by the campaign will go towards Human Rights Watch and International Rescue Committee.Watch the powerful video for “We Are Not Afraid” below. You can learn more about the campaign (and donate money to the cause) at this link.last_img read more

Listen To moe. Play An Hour-Long “Yodelittle>Time Ed Jam>George” On This Day In 2007

first_imgWhen moe. gets into a groove, there’s just no telling how far or wide they’re going to take it. The band is expert when it comes to improvisation, and those talents were on full display during a performance on January 7th, 2007 at the Stardust Ballroom aboard, a moe.-hosted event on a cruise that intermingled with regular cruise-goers. Eleven years later, their 12-song, 2-set appearance still sends shivers down our spines.The show started off innocently enough, with a power-packed “Plane Crash” to get the boat-side festivities rolling. The energetic opener blurred into “Punchline”, before fun jams on “Shoot First” and “Tambourine” punctuated the middle of the opening set. They closed out with an extended take on “32 Things,” setting the stage for a jam-heavy second frame.Set two started innocently enough with a great “Yodelittle” out of the gate, taking the tune into exploratory waters for a full 26-minute jam! moe. then found their way into a jam on “Time Ed”, before returning to their groovy tune “George.” The set was far from over, as extended takes on “The Road,” “Happy Hour Hero” and “Seat Of My Pants” brought the full on rage to the Cruise! With a finale of “Blue Jean Pizza” for the encore, moe. thoroughly rocked the boat during their 2007 performance.Fortunately, thanks to taper ed v, we can listen to the full show. Enjoy it!last_img read more

Phish’s Chris Kuroda And Andrew Giffin Discuss New Light Rig On “The Light Side” Podcast

first_imgFor Episode 5 of The Light Side podcast, Lighting Designer/Director Chris Kuroda and Associate Designer and Programmer Andrew Giffin tell all on Phish‘s new light rig, discussing the new truss automation system and the evolution of 3-D Phish over the years. The discussion takes place from the Front-of-House inside Madison Square Garden during the band’s historic 13 night Baker’s Dozen Run. The podcast is led by Luke Stratton, lighting designer and FOH engineer for Dopapod, who navigates the conversation with Chris and Gif about Phish’s lighting rig, to working with pop stars Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, and this season of Game of Thrones.Chris Kuroda and his new light rig have further justified their joint role as the fifth member of Phish over the Baker’s Dozen, as their majestic interplay continued to impress throughout the entire run. Listen to the Part I of II of The Light Side below to learn more:The Light Side is available here and on iTunes, Google Play, and Sound Cloud.last_img read more

Watch Aqueous’ Asheville Music Hall Show In Its Entirety

first_img[cover photo courtesy of Bill McAlaine Photography] Earlier this month, Buffalo-based rockers Aqueous conquered Asheville, NC’s Asheville Music Hall, offering up a set of improvisational grooves that floored those in attendance. The quartet touched upon song selections from their entire catalog, which included a particularly inspired jam early on during “Random Company”. The group showed their inner prog-rock stylings with “Origami,” which features an opening segment reminiscent of something out of Umphrey’s McGee playbook, eventually lending itself to some incredible shredding from guitarist Mike Gantzer.Watch Members Of moe. & Aqueous Perform “Plane Crash” As moe.queous At BCA [Pro-Shot]Some patient, spacey jams highlighted the middle portion of the set with “Weight of the Word > Marty > Dave’s Song”, before Aqueous graced the crowd with a rather exploratory cover of the Grateful Dead‘s “Bertha” led by keyboardist/guitarist Dave Loss on vocals to close out the set. The band encored with “Strange Times” from 2012’s Willy is 40 before calling it a night, giving those in attendance one last opportunity to shake it out.Watch Members Of Umphrey’s & Aqueous Recreate Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ [Audio/Video]Aqueous continues through the Midwest over the next week, before a short Thanksgiving break sees them head back out on the road as they make their way from Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY on December 1st out west to Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and more (full tour dates here). Take a listen to the full set from Asheville below.SETLIST: Aqueous | Asheville Music Hall | Asheville, NC | 11/2/2017Set: They’re Calling For Ya> Random Company, Origami, Weight of the Word > Marty > Dave’s Song > Bertha*Encore: Strange Times[courtesy of Iam AVL]last_img read more

YouTube And Ticketmaster Launch Concert Ticket Sales Partnership

first_imgAs Billboard notes, “While this marks YouTube’s first ticketing partnership, the video service is far from new to bridging the gap between online and live music experiences. Festivals from Coachella to Global Citizen have hosted live-streams on YouTube for years. Through the Verified Fan campaign for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour, the singer’s fans could earn higher priority on the waiting list for tickets by watching more of her YouTube videos.”Why Taylor Swift’s Controversial New Ticketing System Sucks For All Of UsOf course, these types of tactics in the music business–and specifically with these two companies–have received their fair share of criticisms from artists and fans alike. From a noted issues with YouTube’s “value gap” for artists who use the platform as a main outlet for fans to access their content, to Ticketmaster’s ongoing issues with bots and ticket brokers. To help pacify that tension, both of the companies have developed artist-facing initiatives within their business models–from YouTube tutoring artists on monetization through its Artist Resources page, to Ticketmaster promising to put tickets only into the hands of the most deserving fans through its (separately controversial) Verified Fan program.StubHub And Viagogo Offices Raided By Authorities In UK Ticket Scalping InvestigationWe’ll see if this new partnership winds up actually generating the artist benefits that it’s attempting to provide. Right now, its seems to mainly apply to artists big enough that they’re not extremely worried about revenue. But however it shakes out, this partnership between YouTube and Ticketmaster is a landmark move in the ongoing constriction of power at the top of the music industry food chain–and as we’ve learned throughout our country’s history, corporate monopolies throw a serious wrench into what’s intended to be a self-correcting economic market system.[h/t – Billboard] The music business is an ever-evolving organism. Particularly since the turn of the century, the industry has experienced a massive overhaul, as CDs were replaced by mp3 downloads, and mp3s in turn were usurped by streaming services, consolidating unprecedented influence for the Spotify-s of the world. The same consolidation of influence has occurred in the live concert space, as massive corporate entities like Live Nation and AEG have snatched up venues and ticketing platforms, vertically integrating the various levels of the music market and driving competing independent promoters and event organizers out of business in the process with the business equivalent of brute force. The latest industry trend seems to take the already-oligarchical landscape and consolidate the power even further, as Spotify did when inked a partnership with Ticketmaster that aimed seamlessly sell tickets for specific artists’ concerts directly to the people listening them the most.Ticketmaster Files $10M Suit Against Firm That Used “Bots” To Scalp Thousands Of “Hamilton” TicketsYesterday, the consolidation of power in the music business continued its progression: In a blog post issued by YouTube management yesterday, the behemoth video platform officially announced a new partnership with ticketing giant Ticketmaster to sell tickets to an artist’s live shows directly via their official music videos. According to the statement, “At YouTube, we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans — the ones who not only watch and listen to videos, but are also willing to pay to see live performances. And, with live concerts becoming a bigger driver of revenue for artists, we want to help artists reach those fans, keep them updated about upcoming shows, and sell more tickets…YouTube’s massive fan base paired with Ticketmaster’s global roster of concerts and security of verified tickets means we can easily connect a fan’s discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets.”You can see a visual example of the YouTube/Ticketmaster pairing in action below:YouTube wen on to add that they will be rolling out the feature gradually to artists of a certain stature for shows in North America, but plan to increase the scope of the partnership as they move forward.last_img read more