Fast promotion website weight you really know how to do

this time my website snapshot update very hard, every day is the next day and the day of the snapshot, occasionally snapshot, and website content is the second, which fully demonstrated the weight of the site is very high. How do I do this? Today I will share with you some experience, if you do not agree with some places you can teach,

2, our website content must guarantee the rich content and readability, website design and reasonable template, make the site more beautiful, which can attract more users. The best thing is that you can join in the station in Shanghai, love GG, Sogou search engine search box, so it is beneficial to let search engines have a crush on you, and know that the user is of help, of course, if you do not want to add a search engine search box, the best is to set up a station in the web site search box and a site map, especially the map, it is conducive to spider crawling, division of weights is also very helpful. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, do not understand the contents of the marketing you OUT

Shanghai dragon

enterprise website each have limitations, are generally confined to their own industries, will inevitably be limited by the boundaries of marketing. Although the industry is limited, but without the limitations of thinking, only through divergent thinking, by writing to a monthly income of million, I also don’t believe this, but some people do, he called to understand, the use of a QQ space of millions of years to make network expert, rely on to write the log log, it seems it is black and white, rich in content, with the most simple way of describing the most essential things. Another example is WeChat in the public number above, her name is Amy Mongolia, is also a content > read more