The latest observation results ranking of February love Shanghai update

recently observed a website to own a Taobao station and friends, Taobao station has a relatively large amplitude of the back, recently a lot of Taobao guest friends all reflect included in the site becomes unstable, my friend’s website will update some of the original article, key words ranking rose a bit; my Taobao guest website appeared several rounds of K returned to home station rather baffling, now the latest snapshot also not to feel, love Shanghai is now the site of class API control has been more and more strict, the weight is difficult to total, instead of content update for more advantages of the site, was observed keywords friends website found relatively concentrated, the main keywords in the slow rise, this shows that in the content of the update owners need to strengthen the keyword density, also the most Nearly did an experiment with a collection of general web site for a small modification of a TITLE, and then carried out a major revision, the conclusion is when small changes if the chain and chain if we can keep up with it, the snapshot reply quickly, sequela is included will growth will slow. The specific performance is a lot of page has been deleted, the new page is also included; and the large K station directly change the title to only the home page, which shows the sensitivity of TITLE logo like love Shanghai now than before on the website of the greatly increased, rather than reflecting the Google so slow. read more

The noble baby logic and Countermeasures behind PR big update

however, the choice of nobility baby at this time to update the PR, reflects the noble baby to consider what? With some recent actions noble baby, the author analysis and share some of their own ideas and everyone, especially the webmaster should be how to update the event from the PR to know more information, make the correct response to the. Just as this, I hope it would be helpful for website optimization and the development of our ideas.


chose this time to carry out large-scale PR update, as recent moves in the market of noble baby moves frequently when one side is the launch button application nobility baby +, the search algorithm and community user recommendation together, reflects the new perspective of search engine optimization, but also reflects and Facebook for users more the heart "; while it is to want to buy Hulu website, expect to make Hulu and noble baby’s Youtube form together, get HD video resources, the formation of more" monopoly "market layout. These measures are not isolated, with large-scale PR update, the webmaster for the nobility baby at home and abroad PR, for the noble baby again to enhance the enthusiasm, the hype and fit for other aspects of the market move up. After all, " read more

Google search algorithm to further combat piracy website ranking

NetEase Francisco October 22nd message, according to foreign media reports, Google said Tuesday through the blog, the company once again to its search algorithm is optimized to better combat some intentional copyright infringement website. Google said the new algorithm will be implemented within the week, users will also be visually perceived significantly different.

prior to the implementation of the new algorithm, if you search for the word "mp3", Google will often top website mp3skull贵族宝贝 in search results. Mp3skull贵族宝贝 is a well-known pirate music sharing sites, according to Google, the transparency report shows that since 2011, the mp3skull贵族宝贝 request for revocation of related links to reach a total of 3 million above. read more

fanchon nine wins P film advertising price raised to 12 yuan 1000PDo Wangzhuan novice must start f

, the first is that they just contact network, the network familiarity is very small, heart doubts very much, also afraid to encounter a liar, so let them explore on the network contact for a period of time, they naturally know SEO would like.

code to make money the project you contacted? Would you please contact a few days to try, a day income is also very optimistic, tens of dollars with a few dollars, although a few dollars, but give yourself an experience, want to quickly make money really is not realistic, should not the hone how to make money fast, SEO is also so, I hope you can understand. read more

To do a one-stop bike incubator platform, riding a cool bike, hoping to car + lock + WeChat small pr

I recently contact "ride cool bike" is a "Car + lock + WeChat small program + bicycle cloud platform" one-stop shared bicycle incubator platform, the platform by bicycle, intelligent car lock, bicycle sharing cloud platform and a WeChat program combine to make simple, Qu Daoshang fast and low cost of on-line shared bicycle project.

a lot of people have the ability to engage in Wangzhuan innovation in Europe and other developed countries so strong, but there are also some of the elite will be based on our own characteristics of Internet users a lot of innovation for the website, such as the previous network real name, and in recent years the popular navigation station and so are their own innovation, there is a visible the innovation of the brain is very important, of course, not to say that you will not be able not innovation from. read more

Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking factors detailed website navigation

1, the use of text links. For some of the navigation bar is set using flash or mouse control, if there are too many websites in such settings is not conducive to the user experience, and is very friendly to the search engine. The search engine will grab text link path, is unable to grasp for this web page.

site navigation website is part of a lack of makeup, site navigation can correctly guide the user access and search engines crawl. More convenient for users to quickly search and browse web content. read more

Tips to teach you how to make love in Shanghai included

two, our new online search engine we are not too popular, so we must put inside and outside their own website to do, first we choose the problem of space must spend some effort, I recommend you here or use domestic space, search engine more popular in the domestic space, because the domestic space velocity after all, much faster than abroad, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, if you use the space is not stable enough, when it is possible to your site spider crawling, suddenly your space appeared open, unstable, so the spider is likely to give up on you web crawling, which will be a long time not to your site, that is, the The loss outweighs the gain. so we must in the web space a bit of work Cardiff. read more

The new station included tens of thousands a month 3 months included detailed 100 thousand methods

3, the appropriate title change. Take one topic as an example. The original composition is: natural complex; < Title > the optimized composition is: natural complex composition 400 words, 500 words | final composition natural complex of 600 words, 800 words | it; < H1; > optimization of the essay topic is: "the final composition natural complex. The appropriate change of the title is our acquisition station the most basic things to do, because it can make your article have a little difference with the original article, also is equivalent to the pseudo original meaning inside. At the same time to the original text, your site articles began to give people a new feeling, make people want to open the idea of increased traffic to your site in order to, in the collection of your site is very favorable. Of course, you can also replace the use of keywords, but personally feel that this will affect the user’s experience. read more

With the development of information websites in Shanghai dragon’s role in the trend

! !Of course, the

now you want to through their own efforts, constantly update their website or to improve the site weight by dragon optimization method of the Shanghai plain, it is very difficult, but if the ordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization such as content coupled with the aid of these high weight information website, naturally can play a multiplier effect, which is a direction of the work has become numerous Shanghai dragon ER workers pursuit, at present these high weight website information resources of Shanghai dragon ER, if it is to compete with others can Zhandexianji! And the information station cannot do without soft, so soft as the Shanghai dragon ER workers compulsory course of read more

Three why do Shanghai dragon finally found no effect

must take time to learn Shanghai dragon, don’t wait for a problem to hurry to ask, to solve the problem in no place before is always the most sensible. Shanghai dragon seems complicated, in fact as long as willing to spend time, organized learning >

site optimization is not good, the difference between the quality of the chain and the chain of garbage is what I don’t know, I only know that insist on the chain send numerous, so to your site without any benefits. The chain is not useless, but the hair of the chain, please do web site optimization. The station optimization method of Shanghai Hai Yao dragon has said many times, do not understand the webmaster can read the previous tutorial. read more