Why is the website holiday syndrome

chain suspended or disorderly increase of

said user experience without a good user experience? Imagine if at the time of their leisure holiday to see their often focus on the website, want to check something, but found that the site can not be opened, the Spring Festival was a good mood, probably will be affected immediately, next time you certainly will not come again. This is so, the webmaster It’s only human., in the choice of site space must be careful, do not because of a few.

update frequency disorder or suspend update


do the all know that the chain is the main factor influencing the website ranking, but because of the Spring Festival holiday, many of the site’s external links construction work is suspended or what day is to do a few, there is no law, site outside the chain up and down, the chain is not normal. The site will be very difficult to guarantee the rankings, even the most basic site of normal development are a little difficult, after all, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, is always in the update, your site outside the chain is not normal, but there is no guarantee that other sites like you, therefore, to maintain the normal website ranking the site is very difficult. There are no major problems will be.

a year during the Spring Festival holiday and which stationmaster also want to keep the web to computer every day? We are friends in the go pro, and his family lived a happy Spring Festival, the webmaster is no exception, the webmaster also is a person, is certainly going to rest to the holidays, because of this, in the website during the holiday, people may not update the content, or even updated, but the frequency is also very disorder, lost the normal update the original frequency, perhaps when holidays at home, the search engine is to give you face, did not immediately show dissatisfaction, but when you are immersed in a festive atmosphere, may search the engine will have on your web site, made a small punishment, just as a webmaster of you, just the holidays, and not pay attention to the site changes, leading to the festival return to work, only to find the site appeared serious The problem, you still do not know what is in disorderly fashion when it happened.


long holiday back, owners also have to work, many owners have yet to recover from the holiday, I found the site due to no maintenance during the holiday also got "holiday syndrome" website, a variety of problems, some not updated snapshot, some is not included, and directly love is the sea K, in short, the Spring Festival return A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝/) will encounter various problems webmasters to consult their website every day, each site is different, therefore, during the Spring Festival, the problems are not the same, therefore, A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group here, have to say stationmaster also before the Spring Festival, the site will be in the "post holiday syndrome", the following aspects are likely to cause the website "holiday syndrome "The emergence of.


server is not stable

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