Love Shanghai mobile search optimization guide 2

love of Shanghai is the world’s largest mobile search Chinese mobile search engine, in response to a search request every day billions of times, leading Internet traffic is as high as one billion level. This document aims to provide authoritative, for the mobile station clear mobile search optimization standard, help site reasonable, sustained improvement of mobile traffic, to develop a long-term and stable, so as to promote the sound development of the mobile internet.


terminal as well as technology, we strongly recommend the use of HTML5 as a mobile station, and according to different terminal models for automatic adaptation.

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search engine as the site of the ordinary visitors, crawl, on the site of the site / page value judgment and ranking, is starting from the user experience. Therefore, in principle, any website on the user experience is improved, improvement of search engine. But because of the limitation of the current overall network environment and technical reasons, the implementation of the specific means of user experience is the need to consider the search engine friendly, to meet under the premise that the user experience will make the search engine more easy to understand treatment. Then, the mobile search engine for website construction, mainly divided into three parts: how to make better how to love Shanghai mobile search website in the content, how to get better in the mobile search rankings, let users from a number of search results to quickly find and click on your website. In simple terms, is the collection, sorting, display. Below we were introduced from these three aspects:

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and PC spider, with a Bai> called Haitong


choose the regular space service providers, and avoid a lot of garbage sites share common IP, ensure the site access speed and stability. Other here no longer, the default PC based website. In 2014 the industry engineer examination Zhenti and highlights

due to various conditions, the release of the guide is still much room for improvement. The future, love Shanghai mobile search will continue to collect feedback to the webmaster, and constantly improve the guidelines, to better serve the mobile web service.

oriented mobile search website

and PC website, the domain name is the first impression of the user of a web site. A good mobile domain, not only easy to remember, easy to enter, but also convenient for users to recommend it to others. The domain name should be brief and easy to understand, the shorter the domain memory cost is lower, more easy to understand the domain name can let users more intuitive understanding of the site theme. The mobile station name suggested by m.a贵族宝贝/3g.a贵族宝贝/wap.a贵族宝贝, to avoid the use of too complex or technical form, such as adcbxxx.a贵族宝贝/html5.a贵族宝贝 etc..


server ] machine readable


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