Traffic is down 7 places to check



In fact, horseWhen

since the site has not been linked to horse, I think it was not a problem outside the chain? Check the chain after the show found a station snapshot stuck in August 6th, the website or updated daily, keyword ranking did not decline, the link is not removed, only removed a collection from a few hundred into the chain dozens of. In recent days I have in a dozen places registered blog add connection in some forum released a dozen signed reply, is not where the problem? Remove some was not included with the chain of the article.


quality inspectionWhy is

2: the chain

I had a station how to do IP up or not, in my space is about to expire when trying to give up, a friend said to give up too bad, the station moved to his server. Want to feel is the transfer of space, or a week several times during the update, didn’t pay much attention to this station, until more than a month after that included an increase of hundreds of times, IP also rose to thousands of felt before where is the problem? After examination, the original space IP the station is K and a lot of garbage station site.

after more than four points of check my station has been restored, everything is a reason, I may be.

first started, I thought the same as the last of the situation, because I have a website is linked to the horse to death, when the station flows down the first time I checked the website all easy to be linked to the horse, the result shows that the website is safe, no horse. Recommend checking the website linked to horse sites here: 贵族宝贝union.rising贵族宝贝.cn/index/index.aspx


until the steady flow will suddenly fall down? In addition to the continuation of the previous update time, the number of updates, if you pay attention to the quality of the new article? My QQT6 space station every day is more than a dozen pseudo original plus one or two of the original article article this update, query the update method for a while ago the discovery of some content from the layout to the content is not too high, the readability of the visitors is greatly reduced, so in these places were immediately. When writing quality do not know whether we pay attention to the quality of template page, deformation, CSS and other issues, some of the details of the improvement, more friendly to search for.

site traffic has dropped for two weeks, from the stable 4 thousand IP now down to more than 1 thousand. The two weeks I’ve been trying to reflect on the reasons for the site returned to normal levels, until today to see all the keywords have been restored to normal traffic is gradually restored to feel some comfort, the QQT6 space station flow decreased and the restored to you share, I hope to help you.

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