The new increase of ten tips of the chain

there is a famous saying: "content is king in Shanghai dragon industry, the chain for emperor", I believe that we all know the power of the chain, a lot of weight high website basically is outside the chain of tens of thousands of, although we can not have so many personal webmaster resources to get the chain so much, but we have every little bit of effort can do quite well, so today the author based on past experience to sum up when the chain increases a little skill, I hope this paper can bring some inspiration and motivation for the webmaster friends.

2. to Bo Yang station, this method is applicable to all the webmaster friends, set up five or six websites to publish information related to the content on your site, you can add anchor text, or directly with the web site, there are many blog weights in the search engine is very high, recommend a, for everyone blog, recently the seconds, you can try.

3. if you are familiar with a program or a language, you can design a template for the design of WordPress program such as WordPress, many bloggers have a lot of the chain, it is because the people are using WordPress to write blog, few people pay attention to their own guide link number, or your own website the Shanghai dragon, so a beautiful design templates, free of charge to the needs of the people, perhaps will bring you unexpected harvest.

6. I believe that soon, your site will have some collection, then, to the directory submission site, which can be love Shanghai "or" web directory submission "submit" to submit your site, site directory General requirements are relatively low, included more than 2 can be included, so you can you >

5. registered some collection sites, such as the Shanghai love collection, collection, collection and so on Yahoo QQ, and then use these sites to collect your articles, or write some high quality articles, to the need of the friend, remember to use jiathis or other social bookmarking tools, let the users like to share your article.


1. new site at the beginning of the situation is often included less, the chain is small, not a lot of vast resources to attract spiders, this time, you can let the webmaster friends give you a Links, so you can write a thank the webmaster webmaster or propaganda website article your blog; if no one is willing to give you a free link, then let the friend with the blog to do a Links in Sina, love Shanghai, NetEase and other large blog, a matter of minutes, soon fix.

4. registered some of your local forum, usually three or so, the three forum must be signed, after the anchor text, add your website keywords in the signature, openly to browse local information, post, reply, this is a decompression, but also can increase the chain of the way as Alexander webmaster, we Why not?

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