HTTPS how to optimize the site, why love Shanghai will pay attention to the HTTPS site

in the chain, Xiao Bian think should be based on HTTPS, now people for the understanding of the two points are not complete, many users do not care about your site is HTTPS site, but in the future, the popularity of the site will let users begin to pay attention to, if we can advance the layout of the chain, the site should be good.

(3) HTTPS site in the end not to redirect the domain name? HTTPS is redirected to http

HTTPS is the last site for the optimization.

for HTTPS why would be love Shanghai’s favor, Xiao Bian think the reason is only one: safety. But the HTTPS has just launched, many people have taken to the security aspect, multiple encryption methods, make the website more is not easy to attack or hijacking. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said: "many handshakes and complex encryption mechanism of HTTS effectively increased the security of the website, the encryption and authentication mechanism can reduce the risk of the website was hijacked and fake!" thus, how important it is for the security of the website. I love Shanghai HTTPS will be not at all surprising the attention.

(1) HTTPS site chain in exchange, in the end is to write HTTP or write HTTPS

(2) HTTPS site in the chain, in the end should write or write HTTPS http

    website optimization?;

HTTPS site optimization, we seem to have no such experience, the first small first puts forward several problems:

(4) HTTPS site in the end how much effect on the

When it comes to the ? ?

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love can always find a lot of interesting love the new trend of Shanghai, from last year, in addition to love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, Baidu also launched two changes, one is the HTTPS site construction, renovation plan is a MIP. The small series has not been studied thoroughly, but for the former, Xiao Bian think or say.

small eleven short answer: first we chain in exchange, is sure to HTTPS in exchange for friends of the chain, this site does not seem much, but the exchange chain is simply on the other side of the site and a anchor text, HTTP and HTTPS are the only difference between them is a letter.

domain name redirection problem is a key problem, the answer is definitely need to redirect, because first of all is to visit the site of the original fans, people are accustomed to the HTTP site, if not the site is likely to cause the redirection, open the case, this is the user does not want to see; and from the perspective of optimization redirect, can also be a good docking and transfer the weight of the website, will not cause weight dispersion.


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