Shanghai dragon best practice to enhance the comparative case rankings for your website to explain


3. inbound links: links from other web sites, links to your site to increase your reputation reliable sources, thus pushing up your website in search engine results.

· more page views

4. internal links: link to your landing page is a good practice of search engine optimization. This helps to maximize the good correlation between internal Web page and ranking. To ensure the correct ranking keyword anchor text.


· better conversion and new clues (such as communication register)

· the increase in business and the rate of return on investment (ROI).

picture website, portal website, enterprise website and blog, ranking high in the search engine is a must. The organic search results of related web pages appear in search engine results page keywords for search words. The results of non-biased rather than generation based on paid advertising. When your website ranking high in the major search engines such as Google, love Shanghai, 360, YAHOO and Bing site URL, displayed in the search results page title and description. Get a solid position of the search engine means that your website is an authoritative and popular online source.

want to improve your ranking? Follow the 8 Shanghai dragon best practice:

when you are in search engine rankings, the potential to increase:

· increased traffic

7. Web Usability: design your website, it is user friendly and easy to navigate to prevent tourists leave. "You should organize such words show the highest conversion rate.

Copy of

link building: the promotion and recognition of your website, and other well-known website link exchanges to improve your position. Submit your content directory.

1. compelling: Google rewards often update the content, unique, fresh and original. The search engine needs to know your Web page.

5.: social media to actively join the social media market your site is an effective way to promote your links to content. Social media is a good way for enterprises to spread their company. To master the online marketing trends in popular

2. different

6. key words: make sure your potential customers enter the keyword matching search query. If you want a specific keyword ranking, and then create a special landing page. The landing page to reduce the bounce rate, because visitors will be directed to the individual ", to meet the specific search criteria.

· more customers and readers or followers of



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