The chain optimization strategy of Shanghai Dragon

optimization promotion, everyone has everyone’s methods, but the change from the ensemble, each station is around the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth of Shanghai dragon, the chain construction is an essential part of the Shanghai Phoenix, a group of high the quality of the chain site optimization can greatly save time, let the site has a good ranking, today, I and everyone together to share in the construction of the chain of some of my experience and experience, hope that we can help.


blog articles are familiar with the mass, usually write about, there is also a place where we can insert a control as a navigation navigation, will do some link to their sites, the effect is also good, in addition, we want to participate in some of the hot topic of comment, because as long as you comment naturally, leaving a point to a link to your blog, so you can increase the weight of the blog, the blog by weight >

, a Shanghai

resources to make full use of love


two, in some weight high website information

, as a kind of effective method of persuasion, the promotion means is the chain on. If the reader after seeing a resonance, will be reproduced, which can bring high quality links, so as to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, the website weight will continue to improve. Like A5, Chinese station, in part we can add our link, once the article is included, the effect is very good, you try to search under the construction of the chain, in the love of Shanghai home appeared in three from the A5 site, I think this is enough to explain the strong A5 station the.

in the process of Web site optimization, observation summary is essential, to see what kind of website the most popular love Shanghai’s favor, then toward this direction, when we search for a keyword, we often find love, love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, know these things tend to fall in love with the sea was in the front row, this will give us a tip is very important information, like Shanghai usually give a higher weight of their products so in the optimization of the web site, we should make full use of the love of Shanghai, Post Bar connected space, know, love Shanghai has some resources such as Wikipedia, ah on its website.

three, to some high quality website text

in the end what kind of website weight high? Generally through a search keywords, see which industry website information to the front row, generally we think this industry website weight is relatively high, at present, we need to check some key words, to get the conclusion, many industry websites do not click on the link with the we can, then in the back of their key link with their own, or in the final plus more to a website, here can also add links, the effect is good, we can try, like Marco Polo, good horn net and so on.

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