Website Preview new sites must not worry on the line

webmaster buddy in the selection process must choose good, don’t get a program to modify it, a lot of people do website is really flattered ah, pictures, flash, JS a lot, some buddy do website I don’t know what FTP is, website the backstage address did not know, at least we should know how to layout, know how to do in the station optimization, even if you don’t, we can also pay for the people to do, or really want to go to the big website, these adjustments will feel very weak. Many webmaster buddy and cat chat time that your web site is how to optimize, but now there is no way to modify, so only go wrong.

selection is stable ?

if the webmaster buddy is domestic, so the cat still suggest that you go to the record, do not trouble to go for the record, there are many sites will appear when you open the case, although the foreign space opened soon, but basically still don’t have a good home, so buddies website if it is long it is possible to record. Another choice in time visit a few more, choose a good point of the space business, do not choose what kind of open very slowly will often appear problem space. There is a try to choose independent IP space.

when doing a website must take into account the expansion of the site later, do not casually set a theme today "

The cat is

new website before the webmaster need buddy planning what

three: determine the theme of the site and the main columns

two: space

: to determine a good website program is conducive to Shanghai dragon

kitten after and webmaster buddies after discussion, make new friends website has a very anxious feeling anxious, anxious to let the line on the website, website ranking, let you worry Baidu attention quickly. The cat considering there is also this idea website, at the beginning of the casual get a website, is not careful planning quickly on the line, and then want to modify all kinds of headaches, afraid Baidu not hurt themselves, ah, is really a tragedy. So the cat in this to give you buddy say, don’t come to do a little bit of time, the site did not plan your worry on the line, so get out a lot of problems really, in his last will take time and experience more than this time to modify and has not yet reached the effect you want. When on-line in a web site we need to do is structure careful planning good website rather than blindly to the pursuit of on-line site speed. To ensure the website structure premise in the pursuit of speed, don’t wait for the line on the website to go in a hurry to modify, so before you do the work are doing? This tragedy is like a kitten.

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