How to keep love in Shanghai next update snapshot

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use dedecms webmaster will find that the website is especially vulnerable to love Shanghai included, why? In fact, you see its tag.php will know. There is a random tag display column. This column is refreshed once, will show a different tag text links. For the love of Shanghai, think your website has been updated, it is very happy, often to visit this page, so you can keep the website snapshot update frequently. Now many of the market CMS with TAG function, do not ignore it at

four, the chain continued to be stable

five, set the TAG function

two, don’t just imitate others stood.


whether a chain or soft exchange, the chain blog, the chain has strong support in all aspects, not to mention the snapshot yesterday. If your site is not updated in a timely manner, you have a large number of the chain support, you still may often snapshot update. The most important thing is you must increase the chain of steady increase, not mass mass, so that you are not far away from K.


, a server stability is a prerequisite for

any website without a stable server, other Everything is nothing. Open a website if faster, every time your website and if the content is new, the snapshot of your site updates will be faster, so we buy a space must ensure stability of website access speed and website space, does not often appear the phenomenon of the site can not be opened.

completely imitate others standing, the structure and content are the same, any search engine will not love, so the station was K sooner or later, even if not k will not have a good ranking.

believe that every webmaster all dream let love Shanghai website snapshot update faster, even the snapshot is updated every day is the best! But this can be achieved by the method of how to do, this is a problem for most of the webmaster. Here and share my love Shanghai website snapshot experience.

net weight www.008dh贵族宝贝.cn original reprint please indicate the source!

whether it is original or reproduced, are to be updated frequently, the site adhere to update, the spider will insist to crawl, regular update, spiders can have regular access to.

The increase of

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