Just three steps to let Shanghai dragon become very simple

in here three points, enough to let some novice webmaster do optimization of the job. In fact, Shanghai dragon can really become very simple, only to do, no unexpected! Everybody! (articles from the www.qnqn.cn reproduced please keep the source)

for the site of the station update, mainly is that we need to update the site outside the chain. But since the search engine algorithm upgrade, the chain to give the weight of the website search engine frame has been basically dead, that is to say whatever you do how much of the chain, the most they can give you the chain that is effective, beyond the scope of the search engine to become garbage chain. So in this premise, is what we should do is to improve the quality of the chain rather than the quantity, here I recommend everyone to do more high quality Links.

station We

is really just perfect: the layman to watch, experts see road. Although the Shanghai dragon in the eyes of many people watching is unattainable, but in fact, Shanghai dragon is not so difficult. That most people in the eyes of Shanghai dragon image just by some myths after image. In my opinion, as long as you don’t touch the search engine rules, a simple operation can be achieved in Shanghai Longfeng effect. The following is to make Shanghai become the three dragon simple steps.

optimized for most web sites, the most important thing is nothing more than the content of the website, if you even the most basic content of the website can not do well, then other optimization means you don’t need to contact. Because the content of the website is not good, you do optimization content more futile. So we want to do website ranking optimization of words, first of all we have to do the content on the website. Original content website is based, we need quality through some methods to meet the needs of users in order to enhance the content of the web site.

second: update

third: promotion and traffic to attract

station There is a saying that The first point: update

for the webmaster, the most important is the site of the flow. The site traffic will have a higher weight, the weight of the website will affect the site’s ranking. So we need in this respect is something. To promote our website through brand promotion or other promotion. Of course, it is not recommended that some small new site to do the promotion, because once your site is recent, some other old site will be collected in the past, eventually your site will be search engine that is copied, your site will also be search engine into the blacklist.

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