On July Shanghai love big update personal views

After the launch of The

, however, as a webmaster, a Shanghai dragon staff, to update the recent period of time love Shanghai algorithm, there is still a feeling: standing on the shoulders of giants, not necessarily can look farther. Love is the Shanghai giants, and Shanghai dragon, and any love in the webmaster Shanghai based services is standing on the shoulders of giants, but although we stand high, but the ending is the giant charge all. If the giants broke you down, it will never let you continue to Zuofuzuowei.

algorithm Scindapsus adjustment, is worthy of recognition — it makes more and more owners began to pay attention to the content of construction

of this update, still quite calm, one is your site has been very focused on the promotion of honest, rarely affected, another is an affirmation of love Shanghai algorithm update. The Internet has been filled with all kinds of garbage, the main reason is also love Shanghai algorithm is not perfect, early any articles will be included. While these algorithms are introduced, gradually straighten out the Internet environment. But in fact:

since February, "green" algorithm, many webmaster engine anti cheating algorithms under restraint, the glorious sacrifice in this love search launched in Shanghai, and leave some webmaster to have a close call. Now the past few months, some of the surviving owners began to adapt to the "green" algorithm, will be extended to invest in marketing. But at the same time, Shanghai has launched a further update for love Scindapsus algorithm (mainly aimed at all kinds of promotion of soft paper processing, the object is to release the soft news site). This is undoubtedly another fatal blow to the head of a close call.

of course, which also led to the love of Shanghai based on the relevant profit service enterprises have suffered losses, such as the sale of links, such as the sale of soft paper. In fact, from another perspective, each enterprises hope that their products can have a good user experience, love Shanghai so. Direct users love Shanghai, and not the webmaster, but want to love Shanghai access to information, in order to make the direct users love Shanghai to benefit from his content library must organize, after all these vast resources is quite costly.

in Scindapsus algorithm comes at a time when there are a large number of link site is processed, and the "green" algorithm updates, and another large-scale processing activities for the sale of a large number of soft site. Therefore, from the green algorithm, at the time the green algorithm updates the condemning. The end, each as long as love Shanghai appeared big update, will lead to "chaos" and complained that the webmaster.

coincidentally, in fact the Internet services, all is a "giant" based on the size of the Internet, now in the circle of love, Shanghai continue to strengthen medical industry to combat "

In fact,

Scindapsus algorithm for news station of the soft release once again with the new webmaster, condemning

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