Teaching new site six original and pseudo original writing

a lot of new writing your own original stage is difficult, mainly because there is no written process but also a write original experience, as long as they can often write every day so you can write the original level to a higher level, that there is more to write more smoothly without a root in the heart of the basic draft I can begin to write.

webmasters do not know how to write the original article, basically do not know where to start from where you actually started to write, write the original is true to their own experience to write to write good original, since we as a webmaster so we can begin to write from the station.

since our site so early will encounter many difficulties and trouble, I believe you are sure will remember met some of what happened, we can put these things to write down and meet in the solution and the lessons in some what experience you can write, I believe write this article at least 700 words, the original articles of words is enough but if you want to publish to the A5 Chinaz, then it is recommended that these platforms to write about 1000 words or foot such audit by the relatively large opportunities.

is a website and internal readability is inseparable, you can see a few more famous webmaster forums and websites every day there is a lot of original content, this site has a higher weight and frequency of spiders crawl is very quickly in the search engine, so a web site high quality original articles and pseudo original article is very important.

if you will write the original or not too then teach you one of the most simple way is to write their own pseudo original I believe as a qualified webmaster must learn the pseudo original, pseudo original and Chinese teachers like to get an article to read it first and then use their own ideas and a large area of the final revision of statements becomes a pseudo original own.

the previous tutorial many of my friends are very satisfied, here to thank you webmaster friends to join, and then the last of the "new site teaching five: learn the rapid increase of the website external links" to explain today’s course, the learning content is to make new Adsense learn how the original and pseudo original creation.

pseudo original have the most common method is to proceed from the title, and then in the beginning of this paper is to conduct a comprehensive revision and end to conduct a comprehensive revision, then in the middle of the paragraph and sentence at the end of disrupted integration, this is the so-called pseudo original, although the effect is not there are original articles so good but better than to copy the contents of collecting a lot stronger, but we must remember yourself again after we finish the creation of pseudo original articles, the statement must be smooth the whole structure must be out of order only way is a qualified pseudo original.

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