The content of the website construction of three different stages

three. The long tail word content page construction stage

generally refers to the early stages of the line just not long after I found the website, detailed summary of love Shanghai for new sites included in 3-20 working days, the next day you can catch up with the big update may be included, then this time many webmaster friends began to do the content, do a week or a few days later I reflect a lot of people the website included this week why content is still not included? In fact, here is a process, the inside pages included general need to put out the home page included after about 20 days before release, we want to know a lot of search engine server, the website data appear on the Internet sharing again it takes time. Some of the old domain is not affected by this limit.

introduced in front of a space on the improvement of website content included in the article "improve the site included the amount of four experience" believe that some friends may also have some impression, see in a webmaster circles today another friend said his website is always not to improve, not only to lose weight Pro Xiaobian think of others about the content included in the details, the content of the website is also included in stages:

said that in fact is the long tail word massive content page to do the long tail keywords corresponding to the stage, the stage of data on our website must have some precipitation, it should be said that the operation of the web site at least more than 4-6 months, the content has included a certain amount of search engine, each update may increase at a time the number of hundreds of thousands of pages, may also reduce a few thousand pages. These are reflected in the very normal, we need to put some massive content in the page of the long tail word alone increase weight. The relative content of the construction of early stage, update the daily volume can continue to increase, the number of pages included will increase a lot.

in this stage we will find that as we often update some articles, especially the quality of the original article, our website snapshot of each search engine included number is on the rise, do a long time friend will find the content included a lot faster than before. This shows that the weight of our own website is also improved, and the corresponding other keywords ranking, repercussions link also increased. Here to note that, if the site weight is too low, may be a period of time we will find some content not included, this is because not all ZhengZhan weight caused by the low inner surface are all included, but also shows good weight can improve one of the auxiliary site page included the way.

two. The content of the website included the construction stage

if you understand the different stages of the website content included, I believe many of my friends would not be impatient, one may feel impatient websites some settings do not, some owners will want to modify the settings for the web site, which leads to the original.

. The content of the website included stage

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