Search Bureau of national team, team, entrepreneurial team chiefs all kinds of chaos

recently frequent news, Sogou SOSO Tencent to collect, love Shanghai to receive 360 Sogou Sogou, Zhou Hongwei MiHui Wang Xiaochuan, in fact not only big teams have been fighting, and so the search such entrepreneurial team quietly financing, and immediately, Pangu search team action frequently, 2013 just spring, chaos.

Analysis of


now, it did not find a way to beat the Shanghai love, still need time to establish its own ecosystem, and no leading edge technology to love Shanghai. The next Sogou, even through mergers and acquisitions to get some market share, it is still a linear growth. If the desktop search, Sogou has great action, what will happen?

is not only the love of Shanghai, 360 teams have played such a big brother and so on in search of such a scene of chaos, the entrepreneurial team quietly financing, and the national team moves frequently, instantly search.

from these frequent news, Sogou this year will have big action is no doubt, as titanium media had said, Sogou this year is the most important, gained complete independence. Next, it will introduce capital, not even rule out mergers and acquisitions, in preparation for the listing.

as titanium media column that, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan personally into battle, but the feeling is not responding, you can guess the posture, is obvious in the sizzling market, the campaign for the next thing. According to media reports, Wang Xiaochuan had previously borrowed Zhou Hongyi’s attempt to buy Sogou browser caused Zhang Zhaoyang attention, and by the Alibaba for the further development of space injection sogou. This time, Zhou Hongyi and Tencent (again run Tencent to participate in the Yunfeng fund had already invested Sogou), then what will happen?

[Yin Yue / titanium Media Editor] February 6th, Sogou earnings after the news that the Zhou Hongyi Wang Xiaochuan secret meeting ", at the same time, there are a series of Wang Xiaochuan and Sogou independent Sohu news; in February 16th, it was rumored that the Tencent purchased Sogou soso". Recently there is news that the industry, Shanghai is also interested in purchasing Sogou love. From behind these rumors are closely around Sogou, might guess, this is to prepare for the Sogou search campaign, the big change for the year 2013.

so, Sogou search is catfish, activate the market and their own inaction; or become a subversive, successful? From the center of gravity of the rumors, Sogou still trying to fix the desktop search, we assume that this is the current focus of Sogou analysis.

Wang Xiaochuan himself has said that the wireless search engine is the core product of speech. But in the recent rumors, desktop search is the main topic. There are two interpretations: one is, the speech engine is the core of wireless search, but wireless search is still not enough to become the core of the two is Sogou Sogou; or if the financing market, must make the desktop search story circle.


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