Hang according to the bottleneck of search engine marketing need to break the hospital

for example, the general long time sitting or standing long time working people who easily suffer from diseases like hemorrhoids. You have to suffer from a disease treatment, in the Google search for love in Shanghai, the local "hemorrhoids hospital", "hospital", a number of hospitals will appear in front of you, let you feel at a loss, do not know how to choose. When you have some savings, for his appearance is not very satisfactory to his long nose, chin pad under a plastic surgery hospital in the online search, you will find that there will be a lot of the hospital, will call you do not know what to do. How should we live in this competitive environment? Hospital brand credibility?? technology? The expert advantage? These are time to show in front of the user’s consumer. How to become an independent school talent shows itself in the eyes of the user?? then how to attract eyeballs to critical patients, the hospital has set up online. >

according to the two paid and free means for the site to introduce the flow and potential users, many hospitals now operating skills and executive ability become more and more mature. Many people may think that this part of the hospital in the whole network marketing operation process of hospitals and companies is the focus of the link, and most leaders also see is very important. But this year the hospital network marketing development here, what we need is no longer so simple. According to hung personally think that these two links are important factors to compare previous in the whole process of marketing, but also should be an essential part of. In the peer increasingly competitive today, you can block 20 love Shanghai first place for tomorrow I can 25 block 30 to grab your first ranking today. You can recruit five promotion personnel responsible for free promotion work, I can also recruit five or ten employees responsible for the promotion work tomorrow.

today’s article "Hospital of search engine marketing need to break the bottleneck" is based on search engine marketing in some small problems. Now in the hospital when the search engine marketing is around two key points in the implementation, one is for promotion (love Shanghai, Google Adwords, soso Sogou promotion promotion, etc.) it is often said that the pay promotion, now the medical industry basically is to have their own bidding executive. The other one is the Shanghai dragon means in the process and enhance the website weight and keywords ranking in search engines to get traffic through its own website optimization; there is some standing outside the promotion, such as quiz, classified information, blog and so on, in addition to do promotion effect on the platform, they will use to Shanghai dragon skills, also can get a part of the flow in the search engine.

the last half a month’s time has been in a busy state, so has no time to write articles, a blog update has been also pay more attention to the. Today is the time at night, according to some problems recently met in the company work on the issues surrounding the idea content combined with text written down.

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