True sharing within a month to PR2 new station

1, the scale of website

website, 4. If we carefully analyze I use template to understand some of the method. For example, the page title, column headings, content page title settings; there is a navigation, each page has a navigation. For example "Tianjie technology home > > > > DLP products; seamless large screen, similar to it, the convenience of users at the same time, more convenient spider home.

5, the template settings. The website is very important. The effect of marketing a good flash of the website is a plus, I was adopted by the company before the old site of flash, personal feel really good, at least if I is the customer, I think is very considerate. The other is using some "H1" and "H2" label, now love Shanghai after all is not so smart, I just start to optimize your website, the title of the site that included love Shanghai as "the content of this page requires a new version of the Adobe Flash Player", I started to find, until the customer call I put this question, I do not believe that my title is set properly, how to love Shanghai will show not the title. The customer is right, I’ll find the reasons directly to the "H4" to "DIV", on the night of recovery of Title content, when it seems we optimized again really want to note.

recently do network optimization of a company, the company website founded in 2012 03 month 26 days, a few days ago specially site to see progress, very awesome, PR directly into the 2. love Shanghai weight 2.

The internal structure of the

. We all know the website does not have a certain amount of time, and content, search engine may not give very high PR value, the company website background content began content more than 8000, then cut the old content, only some new content, and then processing it, believe that everyone is clear…

3, Links. This is very difficult, do not introduce more of the. But there is a very important point, is to exchange links, please friends station setting key is sure to pay attention to, such as the website keyword is "Nanjing network engineering", "Nanjing DLP big screen", "Nanjing conference", you can use Adsense tools chain with me is not so real do. This website on the weight and the theme is very important!


2, part of the original. To tell the truth no matter what love Shanghai, Google or other search engines, the original is still respect and priority, this website I spent a lot of energy of original articles, waste a lot of brain cells. Of course, Shanghai is the most important and the most love crazy for this kind of original.

so how I let the PR value and weight to 2 of it in such a short time? (note the absolute white hat optimization techniques, no brush ranking, buy gold chain)

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