Web site optimization rules to avoid million search engine K station

is the short heart to do it, as long as the heart is always rewarding, the original, reproduced please keep 贵族宝贝xmztd贵族宝贝 in this era is a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, no matter what to do about a stable.

, a site to be normal;

website everyone respected the original, so every day of the original after all is unlikely, after all, we do stand most of them are not good at our industry industry, so the pseudo original was born, so how to make high quality pseudo original? We can judge according to the Shanghai love their search results, enter the title to see no precise matching, then love Shanghai certainly can be concluded that this is plagiarism. Some even if you replace the synonyms, synonyms, love Shanghai word will still be accurate matching, so the search to see the text area red, how to change, then the sentence and the central idea of, how to change is possible.

three, Links quality;

said here of course regular including many such as the theme of the site, for the record, these two points are very important, don’t say to do what you don’t say with foreign space at any time can be on the line, it is now not a strike, say tomorrow will strike, we do not want to 5 years and 10 years of effort was destroyed by be destroyed on one day. A little policy.

ER every day around the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai in the fall, sleepless night, fall months sleepless, so how to do the station to avoid being K.

two, the content to be high quality;


this is more difficult to grasp, but one thing is sure, just don’t throw advertising, is the negative effect of this brings, made has been deleted, and no, this is also a very deadly, so the chain should pay attention to skills, rather than be frequently deleted almost.

four, the quality of the chain;

I said here Links not to the other site PR how high, I do see PR Links never (of course, you PR7 I will definitely see), I usually see is the site of the vitality, vigor is mainly represented in 1, 2, and included snapshot speed; IP (but this is more difficult to determine, by personal experience); 3, interface, don’t want this picture of a fork, the article is a dead link, I have these is certainly not considered; 4, often by K detection, stations should be cleaned in time, and QQ to inform him that the recovery can be added back. The joint liability I found in love the sea is very obvious, can not Links, but not bad. 5, for the two grade, I for two level domain name also used the above judgment, the two level domain do not bad, you can also pay attention to.

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