Website optimization writing my share

first, the optimization problem of the material analysis. Optimization articles need not only original choice, writing material I think is more important, such as for novice optimization personnel, who is the most concern for the novice, identify these needs is to open such writing key, a new hand optimization tutorial, free Shanghai Longfeng resources to enhance the ranking method of common novice favorite aspects. All the clouds, because this is all very eager to optimize the novice obvious to people, meet the needs of novice match up, write these articles, this is how we choose the direction of writing material.

second, the soft optimization of the title of the article must write. When any one of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the reading people love to read some valuable articles, so I suggest writing must be from the heart to really for your customers to provide valuable help to highlight the creative experience, title author sincerely, but not all big empty words, the title in the first few still more fire, but now we are very pragmatic, or is a little better, such as common practice, XXX writing experience, XXX optimization mentality, XXX rankings of operating experience, the author suggests or practical point as well, for users to consider, with the real thing most impress people.

fourth, remember to do summary writing at the end. Any optimization articles we used is the practice of the opening theme, the middle point, at the end of the summary let readers more clearly understand your intention of writing, for all suggestions and comments at the end of the time can give affection, let everybody see your sincerity, this is very important, a lot of time for the novice after reading your article and do not really understand your purpose, the tail of the summary is tantamount to timely assistance. "

as everyone knows, website optimization is to optimize the soft Wen promotion is a very important link in the work, with the change of love Shanghai algorithm for Internet environment, many webmaster forum not only show the anchor text, text links are strict checks, some outside the chain of conventional production methods in a dilemma, under such unfavorable the situation how we through high-quality soft outside the chain of high weight, improve the site optimization effect, the author today on this topic and we discussed in detail.

third, the analysis of writing skills. I do not suggest that text is always in his paper, many times we have to through some specific cases to support our point of view, the best is personally practice the things, take myself, every two or three days to webmaster nets article writing, the writing style, what kind of articles can be recognized by customers, can the administrator review I have the right to speak, I write this article is the real help you how to optimize the writing, how to get customer approval to get the administrator to get your article approval, without any exaggeration thing, real feelings in reality is everyone’s favorite.

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