Meta code optimization how to attract the spider by Title

Title is the title of the words in 25 words, a Chinese Chinese characters is two bytes, then that is less than 50 bytes are required. More than 25 words, when search engines could not come out, but different words may have different browsers.

three, the title of the unique

five, the title character

in the title, it will affect the original keywords.



four, the title should not contain descriptive phrases or

, a title the words


keyword is important keywords, more by the more easily user attention, key words is more important, if you do "3 words, then you need to be sorted according to the order of importance of keywords, don’t ever put. The left of the title is the most important position.

title of the commonly used characters ", | – _," how can we use these characters of standardization? ", we recommend using the home page (English comma can)" or "-", the directory page recommended "_". Not recommended, or | symbols from the user experience to consider your point of view.

The position of

The standard

website is each of us knows Shanghai dragon, but in the title, we are always thinking about how to make the title of the novel but also conducive to optimization, here to talk about the optimization problem about Meta tag title.

six, the title of theNo related words cannot contain

Code optimization of

in the title should not contain descriptive words, descriptive words weight will disperse itself the title of the word itself, it is not recommended in the title contain descriptive words, such as: first, professional, cash on delivery, telephone and so on, only need to appear keywords and website name and its own brand can.

1, the name of the company name or site can write up, because the name of your company or site is the one and only the name of the site, keep the key words as the site name, such as: we are doing in a hospital department of orthopedics, if named Department of orthopedics hospital network, will lose its uniqueness. Department of orthopedics hospital so much, who knows what you are saying is which hospital.

title is unique and novel, the search engine to search a keyword, if he found your title in the sorted list of keywords which are repeated or acquaintance degree more than 90% titles, that for your website optimization is no effect, so our title should be unique, have the characteristics of their own website and how do we do it unique? Because of the keyword the same industry is mostly the same, we can have the following two methods to solve this problem:

two, Title KeywordThe

2, the website can be combined, so as to reduce the repeated.

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