How to make a website search engine love

site is a tree structure, this structure is equivalent to the price is clear, home page is equivalent to the tree trunk, channel, the content page is equivalent to the leaves, it is easy to find in the needs of the user >

The domain name of the website

space taking formal strength, there are hundreds of Web Space Operators on a server, this space is difficult to think fast; and taking the space in order to save resources, deliberately shielding spider crawling, such space, good Shanghai, what is the use? So, when buying a space to inquire about, many webmaster tools test, is a good helper, you can test almost all you want to get the data; 17ce is also good, can test all over the country to the space access speed.

Try to choose to buy

The server,

is a fast and stable website can always win the customers’ favor, on the contrary, a site very slow to open or not open, will get a very good user experience. Someone has done a survey, a web site is open if it is time for more than 3 seconds, the user will not hesitate to shut it down, so fast, stable server space is very important.

2. website

domain name as short as possible, the shorter the domain name, the user memory cost is lower;


try to choose common贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Net domain name suffix, the domain name suffix is not common easy for users to create a sense of trust.


4. to construct a reasonable structureThe

search engine has been the eternal topic of the webmaster, many webmaster do their best, and strive to their own websites to get a good ranking in the search engines, but often the mistake, cannot reach the ideal effect. The author on his own experience and the combination of "love Shanghai Internet entrepreneurs Club search engine optimization guide V2.0", discusses how to create the website with search engine.

of important content or links to use text instead of images or flash;

to domain name and site theme or content echoes, can let a person see the domain name to Lenovo website;

The website

at present, the spider can read text content of the web page, pictures and flash spiders can not read, placed in the picture and text in flash, they are unable to identify the spider. This love Shanghai gives the following suggestions:

3. how to let the spider crawl to the website of

website domain name is the image of the website, can let users quickly remember your website is very important to the development of the website. Any form of domain name will be equal to the love of Shanghai, will not affect included, but love Shanghai gives the following suggestions:

The space

through the iframe display of the content may be love Shanghai discarded, so try not to use frame and iframe framework;

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