Optimization analysis of ubiquitous web site

analysis of search engine every act and every move

no matter what type of website in the website optimization before or in the website optimization, believe that the analysis will be a very important job, the webmaster want to do website optimization work, it should form a good habit of the website, there is a problem, it should analyze and solve. Before that I was not the concept in this aspect, this also eat a lot of losses, the site had been right down, find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai zhenduan/ Shanghai dragon dragon) was solved, which realized the importance of the analysis, the medical webmaster and everybody simple talk about what it should do website optimization analysis:

want to truly understand what kind of content users love really is not so easy, after all, each user needs are different, but I believe that your site has its own clear goal, then study the user groups most people love what kind of content, want to see what kind of content, if you can hold most of the users need, the love, then you will naturally increase website traffic, customers will also increase, the user experience of the website will naturally go up.

After !

analysis of ranking ahead

analysis of mining valuable keywords

we site positioning is good, naturally want to allow users to search to our website, how to quickly improve website ranking, which requires us to observe and analyze the usual, want more than row in front of the site, it should always pay attention to the competitor’s website, where they observed the advantage of the website, how to weight each site, which do better, why in the front row of their own, these are all need further observation and analysis, only known he know, can not make you

on a website optimization of people, daily work is in dealing with a search engine, therefore, this requires the webmaster friends to pay close attention to the search engine search engine according to the change of every act and every move, to timely adjust their work, do not work. The current mainstream is love Shanghai optimization, Google optimization, if you do the two, then to two at the same time, observation, analysis, only grasp the trend of search engine, can really make the website optimization work.

analysis of user love content

mining is one of the most basic and most important work for the website optimization keywords analysis, which keywords little competition can bring traffic, this is the need for analysis can be known, for some degree of competition, the heat in the word, we do not go up, as do some of the slightly less popular, but there was a certain amount of search words, these words do go up, when people search at least to find our site, do the degree of competition, the heat is large, if your site.

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