The small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce website user experience is the key to a breakthroug


State Ministry in the latest release of "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "development plan" clearly pointed out that by 2015, e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 18 trillion yuan, by the end of 2010, e-commerce transactions amounted to nearly 9 trillion yuan, at the same time, now often use electronic commerce in the small and medium enterprises exceeded 50%, with a surge of China the Internet consumer groups, China’s network of consumer groups is close to 150 million, and in the next five years, is expected to close to 400 million, China will become the world’s largest e-commerce market at that time, for small and medium-sized enterprises, which will undoubtedly be the biggest business opportunities, it is reported that in 5 years there will be 90% in the Internet e-commerce marketing, how to find a breakthrough in electronic commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, the user experience is the core.


first, the website should have the correct operation thinking, as simple as possible. At the end of last year, the outbreak of large-scale account leaks, even involving some e-commerce sites, so many sites began to strengthen preventive measures in the user registration, a registered user of a website account, usually like to open a bank account as tedious, stand to be encouraged, on the user’s safety but there is no consideration to the user’s patience! As a registered member, in A5 is very simple, only need to add the user name, e-mail address, and password can be, preparatory work for enterprise website is mainly to attract Internet users registered, more so, the more simple member registration function is to get a good user precipitation rate of

love Shanghai in the early launch of love Shanghai auction service charges, Robin Li love Shanghai auction service had clearly pointed out: "the bidding service enterprise confidence to a realization, who has information on the market, who have the confidence to spend in the first page of Shanghai’s first love! Love" seen from Shanghai in the past few years fast the development of this experience, dare to challenge the service to users, the achievements of many small and medium-sized enterprises, with large companies involved in the love of Shanghai bidding, auction service also highlights its weakness, a way of paying everyone, when in use, high price, profit space is gradually reduced, will lose the original meaning, and this on the contrary, those who always have a large number of users group website, profits rise year after year, so that the user experience is good, more durable than the effect of the bid, so how do the user experience.

visit the corporate website users are potential customers, as long as good at inducing, it is prone to buying behavior. The interest relationship between enterprise website and users, this is the most effective means of bonding users, how to let users pay, or to attract the call information, this is the focus of enterprise website, users can bring us wealth, so what we should provide to the users? Services can also produce benefits, "let users believe that the value of money", the enterprise website long-term development, we must firmly remember this point. Many have a certain well-known brand enterprises, take the low-end cheap route, beginning to get some of the market, however, as users of the product feedback, soon the products enter the slow-moving, brand and user experience equate with Chinese group consumption Mgr

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