The latest observation results ranking of February love Shanghai update

recently observed a website to own a Taobao station and friends, Taobao station has a relatively large amplitude of the back, recently a lot of Taobao guest friends all reflect included in the site becomes unstable, my friend’s website will update some of the original article, key words ranking rose a bit; my Taobao guest website appeared several rounds of K returned to home station rather baffling, now the latest snapshot also not to feel, love Shanghai is now the site of class API control has been more and more strict, the weight is difficult to total, instead of content update for more advantages of the site, was observed keywords friends website found relatively concentrated, the main keywords in the slow rise, this shows that in the content of the update owners need to strengthen the keyword density, also the most Nearly did an experiment with a collection of general web site for a small modification of a TITLE, and then carried out a major revision, the conclusion is when small changes if the chain and chain if we can keep up with it, the snapshot reply quickly, sequela is included will growth will slow. The specific performance is a lot of page has been deleted, the new page is also included; and the large K station directly change the title to only the home page, which shows the sensitivity of TITLE logo like love Shanghai now than before on the website of the greatly increased, rather than reflecting the Google so slow.


weight distribution


recently had a very hot topic is "love Shanghai share", but I personally think that this love Shanghai love Shanghai share the last will not give too much weight, because this thing is just a sharing function, compared with the concept is far from the so-called community interaction and weight, so recently have what love Shanghai the new focus on weight distribution? I recently found many keywords ranking, >

key words

this time into the traditional commercial environment in the off-season, driven by the lack of a major focus of attention, as well as in the performance of the site before so obvious, but from the subtle differences in several updates can still find some different places, here is to analyze

love Shanghai’s recent foreign chain still have a relatively stable growth, but recent foreign chains are compared, the chain growth is the main chain of the original high, but before the chain that the forum signature now began to slowly K, if a webmaster rely mainly on BBS signature of the chain. And there may be a certain decline, so now the chain strategy is becoming more and more serious, we should pay attention to those made outside the chain is relatively easy to place long-term preservation, less attention to sign these unstable chain channels, it is worth noting that now love Shanghai becomes more and more important in the exchange chain. Because the snapshot update rate is much higher than before (either snapshot slow or a daily snapshot) if you slow snapshot is certainly recent website has some problems, many owners are more concerned about This.

Two, the chain

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