The noble baby logic and Countermeasures behind PR big update

however, the choice of nobility baby at this time to update the PR, reflects the noble baby to consider what? With some recent actions noble baby, the author analysis and share some of their own ideas and everyone, especially the webmaster should be how to update the event from the PR to know more information, make the correct response to the. Just as this, I hope it would be helpful for website optimization and the development of our ideas.


chose this time to carry out large-scale PR update, as recent moves in the market of noble baby moves frequently when one side is the launch button application nobility baby +, the search algorithm and community user recommendation together, reflects the new perspective of search engine optimization, but also reflects and Facebook for users more the heart "; while it is to want to buy Hulu website, expect to make Hulu and noble baby’s Youtube form together, get HD video resources, the formation of more" monopoly "market layout. These measures are not isolated, with large-scale PR update, the webmaster for the nobility baby at home and abroad PR, for the noble baby again to enhance the enthusiasm, the hype and fit for other aspects of the market move up. After all, "

from the rumors that the background of nobility baby give PR, we know that it is mainly due to the market withdrawal of China nobility baby claims statement, but in fact, after the transformation, domain name server relocation, nobility baby up leave form, really let it give up such a large Chinese market. From the business point of view, it is not possible! For PR is the same reason, only the noble baby operating in the market there is no big improvement in the situation, choose the form of the "dormant" rather than "to retreat".

PR update! And small range is not a general update, but also a wide range of update, the intensity and magnitude of updates are quite large. The author’s own website for customers and web site optimization upgrade from 0 liters to 2 directly, and directly from 0 rise to 4, in the A5 forum these days to see the situation is similar to, or lower than, the rate generally relatively large, the scale of the update is completely broken before the spread of the aristocracy baby give PR suspicion.

in fact, noble baby has always been not to give up its hard business value, about half a year ago, PR had a minor update, the author’s website is fortunate to update the list, but the size of the difference compared to many, so in the circle has not been widely recognized, only a small part of webmaster experience. The choice now the time to carry out such a large-scale update, is not an isolated incident, we must use the contact view see nobility baby deeper consideration.


logic with contact view see nobility baby behind the PR update The

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