Google search algorithm to further combat piracy website ranking

NetEase Francisco October 22nd message, according to foreign media reports, Google said Tuesday through the blog, the company once again to its search algorithm is optimized to better combat some intentional copyright infringement website. Google said the new algorithm will be implemented within the week, users will also be visually perceived significantly different.

prior to the implementation of the new algorithm, if you search for the word "mp3", Google will often top website mp3skull贵族宝贝 in search results. Mp3skull贵族宝贝 is a well-known pirate music sharing sites, according to Google, the transparency report shows that since 2011, the mp3skull贵族宝贝 request for revocation of related links to reach a total of 3 million above.


Google spokesman declined to the company.

from the same site statistics service Alexa data can also be seen, Google search has been the main source of access to the mp3skull贵族宝贝 website. But until recent months, mp3skull贵族宝贝 from Google click ratio has dropped to 50% from summer to 30% now. The new Google search algorithm is also expected to further reduce the proportion of.

Comment on the new search algorithm

is so Association Recording Industry on behalf of the copyright owner’s record company of America today’s latest move to Google only expressed "cautious optimism".

search algorithm, Google is also trying to use the user to search the contents of copyright, to provide advertising and help copyright owners benefit from. The new ads will be based on the user’s search, to provide copyrighted content from Amazon, Play and Spotify of noble baby music, film and television service. The original digital content users will eventually be protected by copyright according to purchase or subscribe to these information. (Lu Xin

"we will evaluate Google’s move will bring what kind of effect." A spokesman for the organization pointed out that "we look forward to cooperation with Google and other search engines, to adopt more measures to enhance the experience of creators and music lovers."

all the time, Google is the copyright owner as online piracy accomplice. Although the company has been trying to optimize the search ranking algorithm, to punish and fight against "illegal" website, but the effect is not obvious.

In addition to the optimization of

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