Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking factors detailed website navigation

1, the use of text links. For some of the navigation bar is set using flash or mouse control, if there are too many websites in such settings is not conducive to the user experience, and is very friendly to the search engine. The search engine will grab text link path, is unable to grasp for this web page.

site navigation website is part of a lack of makeup, site navigation can correctly guide the user access and search engines crawl. More convenient for users to quickly search and browse web content.

3, correlation in each navigation column and content. We should set in the navigation column according to the theme of the site, set the navigation column, in the content construction of the navigation column, it should have good correlation. Can also take a reasonable name for the navigation column at the time to determine what content construction. Not related to avoid name and content of the column navigation.

access path "different, to classify the web content. Is to provide a convenient channel for the user, to facilitate users to quickly find the desired content browsing. Users are not lost in the web browser.

site navigation is not only conducive to the user’s browsing, more conducive to the search engines of our website content, set up a web site navigation is to maximize the value of our website.

, what is the site navigation

It is through the


2, simple and clear. A certain number of navigation control classification in the setting of site navigation, the navigation is not possible, should be based on their own website, set the reasonable classification of the site navigation. If the content is too small, or there are too much and not related to the site navigation column, then the optimization for our own website is ranked very unfavorable and will not conducive to the user experience and in search engine.


two, the settings of the site navigation purposes and benefits of

4, the navigation bar is composed of a text link, so we set these navigation when should streamline its navigation links URL, and as far as possible.

site navigation settings are generally divided into transverse and vertical navigation for navigation, we need to set up their own web sites according to the content and the requirements of the site, in the setting of a site navigation when we should pay attention to the following requirements.

three site navigation set

when we may not be on the site to build a directory or in the site, so when we set up a directory or classification requires the use of the website navigation. Site navigation set purpose is very simple, is to help users find the content of the program.

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