Tips to teach you how to make love in Shanghai included

two, our new online search engine we are not too popular, so we must put inside and outside their own website to do, first we choose the problem of space must spend some effort, I recommend you here or use domestic space, search engine more popular in the domestic space, because the domestic space velocity after all, much faster than abroad, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, if you use the space is not stable enough, when it is possible to your site spider crawling, suddenly your space appeared open, unstable, so the spider is likely to give up on you web crawling, which will be a long time not to your site, that is, the The loss outweighs the gain. so we must in the web space a bit of work Cardiff.

four, the website whether it is in the user experience or for the search engine, we should do the site is clean and refreshing, do not add on the front page of some Flash animation, there are many pictures and some fancy colors, this will only lead to user experience decline, and put the whole beauty and style to the website all the confusion, so we should try to keep clean and comfortable home.

, a new preparation is very important in the early, first put the whole website to you all do well, not only is the framework and some debugging code, and the website content to add, these are all you need to prepare early things, so that you are ready, you will love Shanghai to submit your new address and we must remember, just submit a can, do not submit duplicate.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimizing, for the chain is given great weight, you can look at as long as it is a good site and a relatively large site, so the chain number of them is very large, so the chain is very useful for search engines. So we must learn to own to increase the chain, we can go to the webmaster forums and some of the more famous forum to publish some of your article, and then bring your own website external links, so every day. "

In five,

three, the website is reasonable, the search engine is original is the best, so we have to cater to the appetite, when we add the content for the update, try to put the article to do original, if not original words, then have to try to do false original, if you update the content are copied from the website taken, then the search engine not included your site, and will punish you, this search engine for the original value.

a lot of new friends in the site, the search engine included questions are headache, because the weight of new online search engine to the site assessment period is not high, but the time is relatively long, so there are a lot of friends site half a month or a month are not included in the search engine, today I will teach you how to make your new love can be quickly collected in Shanghai.

The contents of the original rate of

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