With the development of information websites in Shanghai dragon’s role in the trend

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now you want to through their own efforts, constantly update their website or to improve the site weight by dragon optimization method of the Shanghai plain, it is very difficult, but if the ordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization such as content coupled with the aid of these high weight information website, naturally can play a multiplier effect, which is a direction of the work has become numerous Shanghai dragon ER workers pursuit, at present these high weight website information resources of Shanghai dragon ER, if it is to compete with others can Zhandexianji! And the information station cannot do without soft, so soft as the Shanghai dragon ER workers compulsory course of

a lot of information websites can provide soft release platform, for example, is very fond of the webmaster of A5, and some news portal websites such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu and so on, these sites have a common characteristic is the high weight, once approved, it is easy to get so many opportunities to reprint so, there will be very much the chain, and the chain is undoubtedly high weight, it is certainly very great for the website to help


is now the main work on the website of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than three blocks, one is the construction of the content, one is the construction of the chain, one is the design of the website, and the most important thing is the construction site of the chain, if a site chain is very much, but the quality is very high then, the weight of the site is certainly not low, the natural ranking is not low, so how to outside the chain of Shanghai dragon


in the fierce battle of Shanghai dragon, who grasp the priority of the soft release platform such as A>

in addition to the above reasons, the authority of the information network is in doubt, the source of this information, the editor has accuracy and timeliness, once approved, the search engine can immediately collect these soft, but most of these studies are professional writers, this is also the Shanghai dragon work emphasis has been put on the original, only the original can obtain the optimization effect of this! Of course, for the same original article, if you publish to some ordinary blog or ordinary website is not released to the advantage of these authoritative information station! Of course, authoritative information website is not the core of the search engine, the core search engine is to help users to find what they are able to provide the most valuable new information to customers, These websites often have collected new elements, the most valuable information, so the content of the website is a natural object search engine preferred included, which will bring great help to the work of Shanghai dragon

like the traditional blog post, or the effect has been greatly reduced, a lot of the chain even easily counterproductive, so now Shanghai Longfeng workers have focused on the soft body, soft to get through the chain of Gao Quanzhong will be the development direction of the future site of Shanghai dragon! Why?

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