Three why do Shanghai dragon finally found no effect

must take time to learn Shanghai dragon, don’t wait for a problem to hurry to ask, to solve the problem in no place before is always the most sensible. Shanghai dragon seems complicated, in fact as long as willing to spend time, organized learning >

site optimization is not good, the difference between the quality of the chain and the chain of garbage is what I don’t know, I only know that insist on the chain send numerous, so to your site without any benefits. The chain is not useless, but the hair of the chain, please do web site optimization. The station optimization method of Shanghai Hai Yao dragon has said many times, do not understand the webmaster can read the previous tutorial.

has many webmaster and my friends after the habit of throwing a website here, let me help you analyze, I most afraid of this kind of problem, is not to say that a web site analysis need to waste much time or energy, but often spend a lot of time to help people analyze a website, can really implement to improve who is less and less.

why do Shanghai dragon have no effect? Is not my optimization problem? Recently, there is often a webmaster to ask Shanghai Hai Yao dragon these problems, why do you do the Shanghai dragon no effect, and the company has done well, the problem is to ask yourself.

search engine algorithm changed again, already not at is that just send the chain will have very good rankings in the.


three, the lack of learning ability

, the blind pursuit of two chain number

Now the

traditional enterprise station of Shanghai dragon, the webmaster to firmly believe that as long as the words make up there will be traffic, traffic will be transformed, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the obvious.

first, you set is not according to user needs to set? Still depends on their own decoration industry such as many most probably it did not actually happen? Do the webmaster, only focus on the optimization of the key words local decoration company, but ignore the most fundamental needs of users. The effect of drawing attention, decoration materials, decoration decoration style of various seasons, success stories and so on, these are the needs of the owners, if not to solve these problems, the user will stay at your site? Angle at any time not only stand in the search engine to the problem, the user needs are not to solve, do optimization work will not be a waste of time.


, in order to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, misunderstanding of

search engineNow many webmaster do

second, many new Adsense love every day on the keywords ranking, it is not necessary, this keyword ranking is normal, after all, and your counterparts are doing the same thing every day, the reasonable allocation of work time (what is the content of the work of Shanghai Longfeng daily), to see what to do better than their own local counterparts, or where do not good enough, they are not difficult to surpass.

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