Website optimization issues often ignored

many mall friends that do in the chain is increasing popular ranking and recommendation ranking, these chain related products. In fact there are a number of important points you can do and the effect is very good, and need to chain the type of product, brand and chain can, for the product, brand word ranking is of great help and can give users a good experience.

website products are also composed of roughly the same module, if the product information content is not much is very easy to cause the entire page content is more than 50% and the content of other products is similar, it will get serious consequences, this page is search engine that is repeated page, no value. So in the page content products on the presentation of such information must be detailed, clear expression, can roughly say a few words.

B2C is with the network marketing, more businesses, manufacturers use, many businesses built mall. They can think mall built on product promotion. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, they never thought of web traffic come from. Advertising (whether online or offline advertising) is expensive for the mall, why not choose the free flow of it? I believe everyone will think of Shanghai Longfeng mall site, optimization. Shanghai dragon is the highest price promotion in all, many neglected problems were found in contact with a lot of shopping mall promotion, here to share with you:

2, ALT tag optimization problems

optimization problem

3, the website catalog

5, website content page similarity is too high

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general mall main content is the product, each product title will need to have their own independent titles, tell you what is this product search engine, let search engine into the correct category database. The writing of the title, name and users must join in the title of the product to understand information. Such as: [R01] market quotation _ NIVs speaker _ picture Nana shopping network cheap authentic licensed _ seckill is the source of this standard; of course, different products in different industries have different user interest information, you can refer to the Shanghai Related words into love.

In fact, the

website catalog page or category pages, is a guide to make it easier for users to find the products and brands they need, and a function is to make the search engine more efficient crawling web pages, improve the amount collected. But many small and medium-sized mall to put a little so important to forget.

ALT is to label each picture annotations tell search engines this is a picture of what the best, this picture is what the specific point. There is a little of each picture comments must be different, many owners ignore the image annotation, this picture made will bring pictures of unexpected traffic sources.

1, the title of

4, web site chain optimization problems

Construction of

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