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in search engine optimization field personnel can not deny Shanghai dragon has been more and more popular, in 2013 to improve the search engine of the past can prove Shanghai Longfeng more and more well done, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon propaganda is to build the brand must use the technique, Shanghai dragon in constant progress, entrepreneurship for each of the Internet people, there are endless appeal, but in the fierce competition of the Internet industry, entrepreneurs living space in this area is less and less bad, the courage to venture entrepreneurs is not only the needs of new ideas, or need more courage.

began in the new year, many people have asked the Meizhou Peida network during the Spring Festival of Shanghai dragon city is engaged in what industry, and then ask the other side to the current Internet basically to large monopoly enterprises, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Taobao, instead, I am a firm answer at that time the Internet than the real society but also everyone’s ideas, these large enterprises is beyond count, a step ahead than us, but with the advance of science and technology, this generation of young people to accept the thought and knowledge are changing, I believe there will be more new items will appear in this short time, the lack of Internet is innovation, if more of a fresh thing, it would not be bad to what point to.

data can be seen after the mobile Internet will be the future trend, in 2013 the number of mobile phone users has reached 7 billion 500 million, a total of more than 7 billion of the world’s population UN statistics, in 2013 the global number of users will continue to increase, in 2018 is expected to reach 9 billion 300 million, and with the increasing use of mobile phone users. The amount of data transmission will be greatly increased, I believe a lot of people on the way home no matter in the subway, walk, on the bus, people are holding a mobile phone to play games, chat, read novels, but also in the browsing these life signs can see the future of the mobile Internet has great prospects in the future will be.

is currently in love stand nets also appeared in "PC" end "mobile" is the number of sources, in addition, search volume keywords in the following rankings, but also for the keywords listed separately from the PC end and the amount of search and search from the mobile terminal, this is undoubtedly a good news, from the good news can see, the mobile Internet has opened the door to the Shanghai dragon SEM and many webmaster, more and more mobile end search data will be presented by the webmaster tools, and mobile search technology will become more and more mature, the Meizhou Peida network Shanghai City Longfeng think in the near in the future, we can optimize the PC side of the site, in the mobile terminal of the website optimization promotion work, from the people’s living habits to determine, with the advent of tablet computer, The use of tablet computer, more and more people use, before a lot of people go to other people’s homes are the first to comment on your home is very beautiful, and now is "what is the wireless password of your home?" in the Internet work.

The use of mobile phone users in the

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