The new website internal optimization should start from what

channel. This usually and website frame fit, also there is a channel optimization of long tail keywords, or take the novel station as an example, we can set the core keywords novels can be further divided into male and female fiction novels, or novels a male will be further subdivided into cultivation, military, martial arts, officialdom etc.. Female novels are further subdivided into Tanbi, workplace romance, president. Through this subdivision channel to further clarify website construction direction, which contributes to the subsequent website content update.

second, perfect website channel and frame. One of the most important work is to optimize the internal website optimization framework, essential optimization framework is to make the page content and channel column and image navigation, layout and other factors can reasonably show at the same time, the size of byte site is relatively low, so that users open your site, the speed will be relatively faster. The faster the website, apparently for the user experience will have a positive impact.

third update. This is the key part of the site of the internal optimization. Content updates need to pay attention to originality, also need to pay attention to quality and new rules. In the update, if you find you need to delete the contents need to clear related pages and links, because if you just delete the content page, and other page related to the anchor text or extended reading of the link is not removed, it will bring a lot of the chain to the site. This is obviously not conducive to search engine spiders crawl. "

The other is the site optimization of With the continuous innovation of

and intelligent love Shanghai search algorithm, content is king and the traditional chain as the optimization principle the emperor began to be challenged, in fact now love Shanghai more attention to search engine optimization website, also is the site of internal optimization will be on the site’s ranking has a decisive influence. Because the chain’s role has been weakened to a certain extent, unless it is the high quality of the chain, but for a new web site, outside the chain to difficult construction of high quality is too great!

so for the new website, strengthen the station optimization is very important. Then the new web site optimization should start from what? The following brief analysis.

first, make a clear direction of development of the new website. This is the first step of website optimization. Because our construction site must have a clear direction. The premise of the clear direction of the first to have a core keywords, because there is no core keywords is difficult to talk about the direction of. For example, the core keywords you do is novel station, then we can be the development direction of the original novel, or novels download, or online reading novels, or novels or stories of free charge. Only the clear direction, and then design the corresponding content, can let oneself in the operation of the site, there is a specific development goal, but not in the process of operation, the construction site will change caused by the target is not unified and continuous, lead to the final failure.

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