The latest ranking optimization strategy of Shanghai core love let your keywords speed up

let me to give you a simple example of analysis, such as the user in the search for the words "love Shanghai Webmaster Tools" four words, what do you think is the current user needs? Is the webmaster tools software download or understand the webmaster tools function and method of use, or need to use the webmaster tools some websites to query the data, we believe that after seeing the picture below my heart will be the correct answer.

web site keywords ranking drop, the site has been K friends every day some of you still think a good "junk chain"? Are you still daily updated content on the site users do not demand it? Don’t think the content of the website is as long as the original content is good, now please remember that.

actually do Shanghai dragon in this industry, is playing the psychology, need more empathy, not only to understand the search engine mode, but also to understand what you want is what users heart. As shown above, according to the Shanghai love search keywords, get some relatively accurate data to analyze and judge, and then provide the demand to meet the users for the user.

now is the study of users in Shanghai dragon, the search engine development trend is based on the user to judge your site’s ranking, as long as you don’t want to meet the needs of users ranked are difficult, according to the current Shanghai Longfeng trend, only meets the user need website to long-term survive.


what is the user needs? How do we judge

is the core of who can provide valuable demand for the user, if your site is the user data provided by the current demand, outside the chain of family website more content more, but not the user needs to content, believe users will choose to meet the needs of their own information. If users choose your site, so your site’s ranking will be promoted to the position of the front.

recently a lot of friends in the group by QQ asked me, since the recent love Shanghai ranking algorithm update, many website ranking fell, and even some site directly by K off, asked me what as a reason? Where’s the problem? The love of Shanghai’s latest ranking algorithm is what? A series of problems in the group, because the one or two sentence is not clear about, so after the summary, write this article will be completely resolved.

first want to make your site keywords have a good ranking in love Shanghai, rely on the optimization method before is certainly not, before the optimization method refers to every day to send some outside chain, update the website content. Here I would like to ask you a question, a new light is to operate optimization words through the chain and content, what do you love to let Shanghai keywords your site’s ranking in the front row? People standing content no more than you do? The chain will be less than your website? So I want to go beyond him the rank of the website you have to let your website reflect the core value.

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