Don’t doubt it! Short video is the next outlet for content creation, and produces 10 Papi saucesPlu

September, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming made a judgment: "short video content is pioneering the next outlet".

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tuyere has formed

intensive approach, red net fishing gold numerous, tens of thousands of people and money all ready to the creator, to the same focus. The scene we are not unfamiliar, in the hundred regiments, O2O shopping, live in the intense competition seen.

April, Papi sauce advertising shot 22 million yuan high price, "a record in human history, a single video advertising record", more than Fan Bingbing 18 million endorsement fees.

September, the per capita consumption of traffic statistics show the highest APP not WeChat, but short video applications quickly.

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today’s headlines, Tencent, micro-blog, Ali and other giants have entered this short video, fight fight fight traffic subsidy policy, the overwhelming; the latest admission is "my heart surging" Qiu Bing, the founder of the pear video line in November, two weeks is 2 billion valuation, the queue is said to seek investment institutions for more than 50 home.

as many from the media still clinging to the traditional graphic content production, "a short video on" air like loud whistle, suggesting that the major changes in the fundamentals are the contents in the field.

Abstract: for a short video of the entrance, is the most difficult to reach the two threshold, one is enough to spread to the target population, two is to generate advertising revenue to maintain the benign operation. WeChat, micro-blog, today’s headlines is not only the convergence of traffic, but also provides cash flow channels for real money.

has several of the most noteworthy indicators of events:

content industry is an air outlet can be viewed from three aspects: the consumer side, the production end and the investment side. The last year, short video just in the flow consumer side, production production side and the amount of funds investment side have emerged blowout phenomenon.

vents emerge, the scenery is always similar. "At least 10 PAPI sauce grade IP can be produced in this area. "There are industry analysts.

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September, today’s headlines in the headline number creators conference, announced a subsidy of 1 billion yuan to send short video creators. October, the new list of headlines released from the media list TOP20, 13 have been involved in short video, only 8 months ago, only 2 a year ago, short video from the media, large standard.

these three things, and short video related, and behind it, hidden content entrepreneurship magnificent changes.

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traffic is becoming more and more expensive, in the industry is a common sense, no public brush tools at the end of September the outbreak of the "failure, some large number of readers crash, but a number of public traffic bottlenecks footnote. However, short video traffic >

1 consumer side: traffic


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