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6 in the same way, if the new business development there before the card reading equipment, you have to convince him to buy a set of the equipment, he is unlikely to pay, you send him a set, a price I asked several, you are at least 1000 blocks, a city of 200 members this is a light, investment 200 thousand, most of the webmaster has.

3 is the best way to use smart card products, both to solve security problems, but also to achieve points, and even electronic wallet function.



      in the second half of 06 years began to try to site, and began to do is an industry station, too much energy, there is no stick to it, and then changed to do garbage station. Garbage stations can quickly flow, the energy required is not too much, but also more suitable for my situation, because I am no more than those full-time webmaster.

from simple terms, operation ideas of this kind of website is the website as a platform to integrate business resources, integrate the city down consumer resources for businesses to explore potential customers, bring more affordable prices for consumers, on this basis, to realize the integral members, members can exchange provided by business cooperation in the prize on the site.

4 but also some new problems appear, that is, the card in there to businesses do card reader, by RF or other way to identify this card is your website to send. The problem is that this card or the core of this card reader is the chip, and as far as I know, the current mainstream chip has PHILPS’s SIEMENS, which is not compatible between the two cards.

      furthermore, in the high post and delete, but how to improve the efficiency of the conversion, which with one hundred people watched and then follow it, many people will be able to go to your website, is also a very important thing!

5 that is to say, if your business development there have this equipment because it may have been through this card in the development of members, now many, but his reader is using PHILPS chips, you can not identify website issued by SIEMENS chip card. So, in order to be able to read this card, businesses need to buy a card reader again, it’s impossible.

      for a simple example, the forum post plus AD, is the assassin said, but also the earth people know the method, but why did it immediately deleted? Is it possible to not be deleted? that possibility is almost 0.1% in such a low case, how do you turn 0.1% into your own content, while 99.9% is deleted from someone else’s content?

      back to the theme, do the most important thing is the flow of traffic, there is money, this is the earth people know the truth. Write "make money online before the assassin’s Canon of mobile phone ringtone version 1", in the two part, I carefully looked at! Later someone "barge assassin money online canon of mobile phone ringtone version 1", I also see! Some of Wang’s articles, I’m reading them too!
      I remember very impressive, the king praised the assassin’s savvy, so the assassin made money, but also made a lot of money. The assassin himself is the same, think work depends on understanding. In fact, the articles written by assassins and the articles they refute are reasonable and they are all correct.

has always been a media writer, has been in this field for six years, and has some achievements. If this is applied to the field of webmaster, then I should be able to count with the "King King" kind of hierarchy of people?. Are you a little boastful?. Interested friends can search on the Internet "winter without autumn" this keyword, should be able to find my plan, and write some of the content.

      very much, some people posted a few seconds to be deleted, some people posted a few minutes to be deleted, and some people were deleted several hours, how are these differences caused?!

1 businesses, from clothing, food, shelter, and music of these five types of city consumption subject, first remove the clothes, why, we can imagine, unless the form of store, the general clothing store is to let you Kanjia, no discount. To some extent, it makes the discount card lose some attraction. Clothing can be said to be the most consumer goods, and this discount card for the middle and low market, high-end market does not necessarily care about your card. So, do the mid-range consumer groups often go to the franchised stores to buy clothes? How about the level of consumption? This requires further analysis.

      more thinking, more practice, more operations is the real thing. There’s no need to let everyone put it all down.

The object

has been fascinated with 9eat for some time, and has spent more than a month thinking about how to operate. But in the process of gradually understanding, found an insurmountable problem, that is, the realization of the membership points.

      why is this happening? Power of understanding!


2 discount card itself security issues. Ordinary cards do not have security, and when the site is launched, there may be no, but when you have influence, piracy, your discount card will be a lot. The cost of 5 yuan a card, you sell 20, there are 15 pieces of profit, others sell 15, and he can earn 10, and this is also dark we need to consider.

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