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at the moment, many grassroots webmaster began to use online shop system, began to B2C/C2C mode management. Here as a novice, to explain to my cosmetics shop promotion road. I hope you can do some help online friends.

cosmetics are both seasonal and seasonal

and Seoer are all about "content is king". Content is king, the extension of the focus is the user experience, online shop is so, online shop as much as the stars, how can you stand out in many online shop?.

2, but also to understand what the buyer is now used cosmetics are not satisfied with the place, as a shopkeeper, we can introduce their own shops, suitable for buyers.

China and the United States is currently the world’s artificial intelligence AI English industry leader, in 2015 alone, two AI related papers in academic journals published nearly 10 thousand articles, and the United Kingdom, India, Germany and Japan together is equivalent to about half of the u.s.. China has the largest amount of data in the world, and has a huge application market, and it is building a perfect industrial ecological chain around AI. We have reason to believe that AI will become a "disruptive enterprise" for cross sectoral business development, and the maturing AI technology is gradually shifting to "AI+". China will make a major breakthrough in key technologies in AI, and promote the application of key scenes gradually mature.

, emphasize that buyers timely delivery this is also very important, can increase repeat, buyers bought your baby at the same time, he will have a look forward to heart immediately receive the baby. So good logistics is equally important.

In this

1, bath class: shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, etc.;

in April 26th, in the village of Wuzhen, held once a year in the wave of Partner Conference, academician of Academy of engineering, Chinese Langchao Group CEO Wang Endong said at the conference, calculation, data and algorithm are the three pillars of the AI era. AI cannot do without calculation, calculation of force is the first key foundation of AI, it includes the hardware computing platform based on FPGA, GPU, artificial intelligence dedicated computing chip, also includes Haddoop, Goleam as the representative of the software platform.

1, in the purchase of cosmetics, rarely buy a single piece, are to buy a few or even a suit. We want to stand in the user’s point of view, first of all, ask the buyer’s skin, and then according to the skin for buyers to choose cosmetics, so that buyers feel in the virtual network, there are also good service.

in the existing conditions using graphics accelerator GPU to do the training and recognition is the best choice, because of this, NVIDIA shares will slow to rise, but the general CPU, GPU AI application is not the most.

, although AI related computing is only 10% in the data center, is growing very fast, which makes AI computing a new demand. AI computing chips are one of the focuses of competition.

class brain chips: it’s not too late to explore in China,

cosmetics shop promotion, like training, war, the same day, geography, people and three elements.

cosmetics by application category:

: efficacy of sunscreen, speckle, acne, weight loss etc..


2, skin care category: toner, body lotion, hand cream, eye cream, etc.;

then it’s time for our website to start. Many MM in the purchase of cosmetics for a variety of purposes, such as acne, water, sunscreen, whitening, etc., is not simply to buy cosmetics to smear so simple. Therefore, the navigation of the web site itself is an index of the purpose of the user’s purchase.

is followed by brand classification.

shop itself decoration location

shop external decoration people and

"from character recognition, voice recognition to image recognition, the computing power requirements are step by step up, and this step up, can not be separated from the promotion of computing power and the cost of a substantial decline.". While many smart devices are mobile, both unmanned vehicles and service robots require endurance time, and there is an urgent need for power reduction. AI smart device has three steps, recognition, reasoning and action, so it is not only to identify, but also it analysis and mining information, the contradiction between computing power and power consumption has become increasingly prominent." Song Jiqiang, President of Intel Research Institute in China, told China electronic news.

3, cosmetics: mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, etc.;

4, the category: gel, mousse, baked ointment;

has been in existence for more than 60 years. Why did AI suddenly warm up in 2016? This must be mentioned in the early 2016, when shlf1314 launched the AlphaGo and South Korea’s Li Shishi’s "go" war. Cloud computing brings computing power, exponential upgrade, accurate description of the world with data possible, the emergence of machine learning accelerated the maturity of artificial intelligence algorithms, so that the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, not discussed.

cosmetics also need to look at the day to eat. Different seasonal, customer groups demand for cosmetics is also different. For example, in the winter may be more whitening moisturizing, sunscreen may be very few people to buy this point should be noted that your region market prices do not represent the entire market. We don’t use sunscreen in the fall, but these areas in southern Hainan are warm


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