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these have made 5 million user level APP 80 people, the vast majority from Alibaba, sh419.

to the beginning of 2015, the cross-border electricity supplier Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo mail detonated the venture capital circles, tell their own in the field of cross-border electricity supplier business these years of bitter history, several well-known investors and companies have been named. Some people questioned speculation, and some people say entrepreneurs counter attack capital circle. No matter how, at the same time announced B round won 100 million U. S. dollars financing, ever blue wave and his foreign wharf really has counter attack capital.

Beijing News reporter Liu Xia, Beijing reported

eBay’s work experience certainly helped him a lot. After the failed C2C mode, eBay China >

, "I’m an egg on the Internet, and I believe it can transform the traditional retail business," he said.

to small orange technology, located in Zhongguancun E world headquarters interview that day, just by chance didi Taxi 2 version, second days to catch up with the line. Because the night rush because employees with weakness. Let this group of 80 young people spell busy APP products, has nearly 5 million users behind.

mobile phones called, and how are they competing with each other? Where are their future?

mobile Internet and taxi demand combination set off a boom, taxi APP ushered in crazy growth.

the most important thing is that I think it’s exciting to wake up an entrepreneur’s inner commitment to entrepreneurship, which is more exciting than $100 million. My intention was to focus on entrepreneurship."

black Friday in 2014, the sea Amoy finally became a national concern in China, and doing this company also has a tall sounding name – cross-border electricity supplier. In the next few months, the sea Amoy has become the focus of public opinion, and made headlines again and again.

How are

, including Cheng Wei, these 80, the vast majority from Alibaba, sh419, today’s small orange technology is also the two major Internet giants "hybrid" varieties.

"the boss went to the city for a meeting."." Yesterday, a number of mobile phone, car, software companies related personnel told reporters that the relevant competent authorities yesterday on the issue of unity called car platform and other issues, convene the industry responsible for the meeting of the relevant company.

in July 1st, with the release of "Beijing city taxi mobile phone call service management implementation details", after the natural growth, along with the market competition of mobile phone software called the car is clear, must comply with the access conditions. Access to the designated call platform, to the competent authorities for the record, comply with call service charges, unified naming software…… These rules constitute a new threshold for mobile phone calling software.

Abstract: through the construction of group to network Luo fan, for the foreign dock accumulated more than 2000 seed users, after the line for the platform contribution flow. The earliest customers the first batch of users then is a mobile terminal shopping spree artifact.

currently, the development of small orange technology didi taxi, taxi APP is one of the most famous.

is in the transparent glass door office and seats are facing all employees

latest data show that there are about 30 mobile phones called software on the market. In 2013 April, Android Android platform, mobile phone call car application taxi APP cumulative downloads of more than one million.

"actually, the mail was a great help to the overseas terminal. Before we wanted to hire people, it’s hard, and it’s getting much faster now.

often flies in and around the cities recent policy tightening reasons, he also become more intensive business trip, small orange technology CEO Cheng Wei time is very tense.

, man,

from Ali, sh419’s 80

heard the purpose of this interview, Zeng Hai immediately complained about the recent business of Shanghai to see the decline of public opinion, "recently saw a lot of media in Shanghai comments, entrepreneurial atmosphere is not good, in fact, we are not satisfied.". Shanghai ocean wharf, hungry, are very promising companies. It’s tough to start a business anywhere, but there’s no shortage of people who really want to do it."

in the capital level, there is no exaggeration to speak of the outside world, many investors and PE have come to contact us, the key is to look at things from a different perspective. Investors also want to see how the founder takes the team to spell it. Tenacity and integrity, with the team to a new stage, is what they value most.

it is understood that didi taxi, shook his trick car several unified mobile phone software called the car in cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission called the car platform in early July will be officially launched.


eight years to prepare

in 2001, not long after graduating from blue, had entered the electricity supplier industry, also in the eBay Yi Qu witnessed the defeat by Taobao, and later several waves of boom, the development of the electricity supplier from retail, export trade, cross-border electricity supplier to the group purchase, this is something. He said he had always wanted to see the Internet help the traditional retail industry and improve its efficiency.

"what impact did that mail have on you and the foreign dock?" many people think you offended the entire investment circle."

, but the industry grew less than a year, has touched the nerve policy, and more "stop" taxi APP or incorporate it into "unified management."". Taxi APP in the future will not only consider the user incremental and profit means, as well as government regulation, credit and other issues.

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