nvestigation report of Chinese people’s EntrepreneurshipZhang Benwei how do T people earn five mil

talk about this topic, because of the recent price surge again, a lot of young people in real estate, a set of 150 meters of the house, a good position to 5 million, but 5 million? IT for most people, it seems so far away, so I think this topic or write more affordable, share around see the IT is how to achieve 5 million revenue.

why is a big customer sales, because today’s China is still a typical relationship marketing society, and that big customers, how to make money quickly,

entrepreneurs and more "agriculture" word associated with the three day annual meeting, 8 "small business big business" ordinary people, become this year’s list of style "entrepreneurial hero."". Hebei rural girl who grew up with Yang Fengjun a thin body with the fat man’s clothing; Wang Chaying made tofu accumulation of millions of wealth, sitting on the Xiaoshan area of similar enterprises for the top spot, and eventually the tofu exported to Europe and America; 60 year old Beijing Pinggu peasant woman Zhang Shuying, 44 years old from the start, the building materials development started to the beverage industry, tourism industry, stubborn and persistent to her success, known as "twisted old lady"; Zhang Baowei of Hebei Guangzhou business run early fruit, now runs the characteristics of pumpkin planting base, giant pumpkin he planted was when art buying a single product, had sold 8000 yuan; Henan Li Jun of Anyang special the production of fruit bag, the fruit to wear clothes "to do business in the country 6 provinces, the fruits and vegetables worth rose, their annual profit has more than one million yuan; Shandong Zibo Wu Shengying, just from a variety of snacks in the market, develop new products, and "baked egg" in one fell swoop into the supermarket; the most bizarre entrepreneurial heroes include cattle raiser Wang Shouhong, he turned from cow dung found opportunities with cow dung do medium planting mushroom, has been sold to overseas markets also plan. Invest 800 thousand yuan to engage in science and Technology Park, ready to pack the goods sold as cow dung.

start 100 thousand yuan, you can start, "Chinese people entrepreneurship investigation report" opened the secret of success in ordinary people’s success. The report shows that 48% of entrepreneurs, venture capital in the size of 100 thousand yuan or less, that is, you want to start 100 thousand yuan you can start

savings 60 thousand +8 million +10 million +15 million +18 million +25 million +35 million +40 million +45 million +50 million +55 million +60 million +65 million +70 million +30 million =544 +12

large customer sales, the average base salary is 5000, basically enough to live, so there are 3 ways to make money: 1, by selling commission 2, and with customers sub commission 3, and suppliers commission.

does it sound tempting, but the actual difficulty is not small, and today there are N>

so, a 10 million list, you can accumulate 20+20+10=50 million. Of course, if the supply agent is your own company, then you can accumulate this list to get 20+20+40=80 million.

ordinary farmers can sell business success? Agricultural products to build up the family fortunes? Ordinary people who have been successful in the US is how to overcome the difficulties to realize the dream of the day before? A focus on ordinary people, personal wealth has nothing to do with the well-known entrepreneurs forum, one for the ordinary people around us business report, seems to be able to let us catch the answers to the questions.

25 years old, -26 years old, -28 years old, -29 years old, -31 years old, -32 years old, -33 years old, -34 years old, -35 years old, -36 years old, -37 years old, -38 years old, -39 years old, -27 years old, -40 years old, -30 years old,

what about that? Is that the ultimate fate of a IT man,

implementation method 1: turn big customer sales

these successful entrepreneurs are more or less related to the word "agriculture". They come from farmers, or engage in agricultural products, or deal with agriculture. "They may not be born, not very high academic qualifications, but found the others start empty-handed, can not find the opportunity to find the others can’t find a market, we could do but did not do a thing." Director of the China Agricultural University Research Center for MBA evaluation of these people so Ge "entrepreneurial heroes".


from February 18th to 20, organized by the CCTV "the rich" section of the "second rich people experience exchange will be held in Beijing, will be on a new venture China by Tsinghua University Research Center, China Agricultural University MBA center and the national development and Reform Commission SME Cooperation and coordination center jointly launched the" China entrepreneurial people survey report "released.

for example, you do a 10 million project, gross margin was 2 million, then you can get the Commission of the gross profit of 10%=20 million, to the customer service costs about 30%=60 million in gross profit, we are convenient, usually service fee will be returned to you 200 thousand. And the rest of the 8 million cost, if the supplier agents and 5% of the profits, there are 400 thousand of the profits, in order to encourage you to continue to help, will usually give you 100 thousand.

if you are a 3 year technical worker, 25 years old, 3 years ago, do not worry about saving money, it must be moonlight. Fourth years began to save money, the basic income curve is:

first look at reality:

, 40, is scary, and looks at the income curve. I’m afraid most technicians don’t have that kind of income growth.

, a big B customer sales, a year can usually do 30 million orders, that is, income can reach 1 million 500 thousand -240 million, so that the basic 3 years to achieve 5 million goal.


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