The profound effect of CPA system on lifelong Wangzhuan personnelShare how to use the Amoy bar to ea


since Ali acquired YAHOO China, contaminated with the point of search, so, sh419 began to inwardly uncomfortable. Ali into the online advertising industry market, Taobao’s B2C transformation, provoke sh419 unhappy, launched C2C sh419, ah, the intention to carve up the share of Taobao C2C. Taobao angry, directly blocked sh419 spider, does not allow sh419 to grab Taobao user data, transaction data, commodity information and so on.

wants to go shopping as a friend, directly in the search box to fill their Amoy to purchase the goods you can search, at the same time, also can "buy Amoy bar", was released to help, needless to say, some businesses through the answers to help, you can make your own shop directly in the consumer in front of it, it can be said that the answer is similar to sh419. And for the need to publish and reply to the post bar friends, you have to log in or register a Taobao account.

simple search several long tail keywords, such as beautiful costumes, as shown on the left side of the main broadcast has already begun a formal recruitment notice, while in the right column, you can see on the "application" button link.

Amoy Amoy bar Taobao

, that is to say, this is a new hope for Taobao sellers, Taobao has been in the extremely crowded arena, want to show it is not easy, but for a "Amoy Amoy bar", everything is fresh, the data is relatively blank, if properly managed. To a large extent, will own the shop goods good show in front of Post Bar attention. And when the owner, but also to make their own easy to earn extra income, interested friends can try.


of course, Taobao is not a fool, for Chinese users rely on search engines, is still very clear, Taobao launched a series of actions: into the capital Sogou shares accounted for 16%, the Microsoft Bing strategic cooperation, acquisition, purchase, the establishment of the Tao Tao search figure etao independent search engine’s own is the priority among priorities.

this makes Taobao’s small sellers business sad, Chinese Internet users still used to use sh419.

do not make money on site, lack of motivation; do blog do not make money, it is a waste of traffic; freelancers do not make money, it is better to work;

many webmaster friends, what all do, CPC do, CPM do, CPL also do, CPA lifelong system do more, CPS also can’t miss, the result of which one did not do through, suitable for first get on again. Results there is no result, discouraged not light, you

now in Amoy bar has opened Taobao browse, off the ads on the right, it means that it has also become a Taobao Amoy bar off the resources, believed to have been part of the promotion for Taobao passenger Amoy bar bar, you can use the Taobao customer identity for Taobao business promotion, and get off the same with Taobao the commission. Many masters in skilled operation, income easily over 2000.

the answer is yes, it’s really difficult, ha ha……

, the optimization of a website should have a direction, if you want to optimize your website in all directions, the result is to mark time. My friend CPA is the main direction for life, because he is ready to at least the website business for five years, this is a long-term plan, CPA tenure, particularly suitable for a long-term plan to the webmaster, because is bound into a. But my friends also want to have some quick money, so CPM makes it almost impossible to optimize every flow

for Taobao sellers, money advertising costs can be more simple,

1, the wrong choice, efforts to waste.


Wangzhuan really so difficult? Wangzhuan salary really so difficult?

source:, post=748,

2, there is gold under persistence.

there are three!

I have a friend, and the website is doing pretty well. The advertising business is to undertake from advertising alliance, do is CPC by clicking on the amount of money, deduction amount is very serious, this has almost become an unspoken rule, only to face this reality, does not deduct the amount of CPC is not exist! If not buckle, one thousand IP only 4 dollars, very poor. Later, CPA, a valid register makes $10. CPC looks secure, but basically works to keep you safe; CPA looks risky, but it takes you to the risk of being rich. The achievements of friends a monthly salary of over a million is a new concept of CPA for life! For example, we all know that "Le Chi world" is a typical CPA real-time system, a clear, next time the members directly log Le Chi small world, no matter what the consumer told you never mind the typical! CPA system is the life of "Bai pruducts mall", the last registered members from your website, not only the consumer has a relationship with you, any future consumption has a relationship with you, "Bai pruducts mall" registered members of each transaction, regardless of the amount, are owners paid 12 yuan! Ten years as one day! So, you’re not blind breaking stick, but the accumulation, the accumulation, even if only one day a registered member, tell you, three months later, dead you! This is the "Bai pruducts mall" CPA The difference between the "lifelong system" and "happy little world" is the "CPA" instant system. However, most of the webmaster do not risk spirit, but also do not want to calm down to understand, always want to let their site in each flow into money, but missed the CPA lifelong system of huge money scene

! passenger business

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