Talking about the way for my personal stationmaster to make moneyThis reporter Gao Heping reported i

is 2 years old now and will definitely not do it again, but I still have to do something like that. Now the prevalence of Witkey, increasing opportunities for money, we can go to try, opportunities are their own choice and creation. My domain name makes money experience, capital is not much, the domain name that chooses a few rubbish commonly. Remember the first time I bought 0051 200. Later, 400 sold to chapter eldest brother. A resale profit from 200. and several times, I registered some fall from the Sohu directory of the domain name, then mail to the original unit, said your domain name is lost, it sold 20 to a domain name, I remember that there is a network of big brother, he registered more than 1000 companies in the domain name, then each home phone, the page made the type of company logo, sell it, cost 55, sell 2000 a month to sell 3-5, earned tens of thousands. At that time, enom registered also cheap, 100 to block costs can grab a lot of good domain names, ename also opened a CN domain name registration, these have the time, then still can earn a little money.

Those who refuse to do a

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

my first money was to help someone modify a code. Someone in the group begged, a MP3 player code error, quickly need to modify, I put this question copied, asked my previous several technical aspects of the big brother. Someone will fix it right away. I’ll copy it to the station owner. His broadcast page was immediately successful, and when he was happy, he gave me 102 blocks. It triggered my little, no tech, no two guy. In the back, to help the person to host business, to help the person to make full use of the website, I drill around information to help others with experience. Earn less, it is estimated that 30-40 times.

website, but also earn a little money, the final feeling is small, more than 10 thousand IP, a month to earn 1000 dollars, if it is not shlf1314 Adsense estimation is erected, shlf1314 Advertising, I also almost no grandpa * * * id out, sealing the 6.7.

, when the shlf1314 book search in China want to take the first step, but I do not know his next step has been difficult.

my biggest weakness is not reliable, people feel unstable, in fact, I also found, who called me still young?.. Most of the time, a month also earned 5000 yuan, but how much to spend, how much a month can also be 500, a month 5000 can also pass. Man, man, can’t keep the money?.

Global Forum, that is concerned about the webmaster is some classification procedures, information programs, professional website programs and data, as well as some foreign website, so I bought a similar program, please give me a big brother special modification, increasing the number of copyright, and then sell a 5030 and most of the time, the day has sold more than 20 copies. Happy, for my more than 20 year old young, it is still worth the happy memories.

I have several

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