One person, one website, 575 million dollars to sellStandford’s lesson How did Silicon Valley people

fifth, the product development model more than commercial needs assessment. In 1999, the clever non technical personnel in the conduct of business. And in 2011, they are in the development of products. In 90s, the typical CEO are from sales, such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. In the new.


in 2008, Markus told the New York Times that his site’s net profit was $10 million a year. He works 10 hours a week, only 2 hours a day. But he told the reporters, "


July 14, 2015, the love and marriage website Plenty of Fish has been bought by Match Group for $575 million, and his founder, Markus Frind, is only 36. The site has long been run by Markus, a person who started business in 2003, making money by putting shlf1314 ads on it.

class, Peter Thiel recalled the 90s, including the Internet craze began in the autumn of 1998. He reviewed the history, and made the summary:


because the site is too profitable, and no staff, so Markus does not need a partner, do not need financing, the company’s equity 100% belongs to him. When he sold the company, no one came to share the $575 million, and $575 million belonged to him,

third, 0 of advertising spending. Don’t rely on advertising, unless your development is abnormal.


Markus told Business Insider that when he knew what venture capital was, he had millions of dollars a year in net profits. So he really doesn’t know what to say to venture capitalists. He really doesn’t know how to finance it.

at the same time, Silicon Valley people learned the only difference to survive.

, a man who wrote a web site at age 24 and only worked 2 hours a day, has too much work to do. He earns tens of thousands of dollars every day from shlf1314 advertising, without a partner, never financing, a 100% stake in a person, 36 years old, 575 million U. S. dollars to sell the company.

in fact, people from the middle of 90s and learned a lot of things right. Technology is king of the assertion and no negative emotions were weakened. Of course, technology is not a panacea, it at least for the upcoming bubble did not play any protective effect. March 2000 is not only confusing to the extreme, in many respects, also clear to the extreme.

Internet bubble lesson is that we need to return to the real economy. If 90s is the explosion of the Internet economy from reality to virtual, so in the new century is from virtual to real. So people went to the housing market and emerging markets. Popular investors, such as Buffett, keen on the traditional economic model and avoid the encroach on technology stocks. Decide profit business model. Love the concept of globalization than on the pursuit of science and technology. The Internet is the future collapse of the lesson too uncertain, no prophet is fleeting.

but this conclusion may be wrong, because the driver of this conclusion is a complex emotional reaction. This kind of mood contains arrogance, jealousy, resentment and generally on 90s. When the emotional power, what are not credible analysis.

the guy lying down is today’s lead man,

Markus says he began to want to do Plenty of Fish in 2003 because he just learned a new computer language, ASP. In practice, when looking for work can prove you know ASP, just do Plenty of Fish. As a result, many people have come to the website to register and gradually become a fire. By the time the site earned $4000 a month and could almost support himself, he quit his job and earned his living on the website’s advertising fees.

, that’s what it is


Facebook Paypal President Peter Thiel before investors opened entrepreneurship at the Stanford University course, tiger sniffing before sharing articles Forbes, today will be one of the tiger sniffing the whole class wonderful presents to everyone.


Abstract: after achieving the goal of earning millions of dollars per person per month, it took another year, and by 2007, Markus had the first employee. By now, Plenty of Fish already has 370 million independent IP and 2 billion 500 million browser

fourth, from social networking is a new social. People want a kind of anti social form. shlf1314 is such a form: This product make people more willing to communicate with the computer instead of people.

about the lesson

Markus sold Plenty of Fish this year, the site already had 90 million registered users. 3 million 600 thousand active users.


per month

, this is simply cock silk a person entrepreneurial model.

first, you need to understand "a thousand miles" truth, ambitious and rapid progress has fallen from grace.

second, you have to learn to improvise. About exactly what you need to do, you can’t stick to your original intention, need to continuously with time test, get the final conclusion.

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