Through the experience of Wangzhuan cheatedStrategy faces buckle amount, stationmaster how to do


in most cases, the webmaster eyes are discerning, spread through the blacklist webmaster circle, advertising to, are directly or indirectly to eliminate those dirty, not competitive alliance.

group is certainly not the money back to me, "tell me do Wangzhuan not too impetuous, slowly, then he will have to give me a good project". I said I don’t need it. You said you could get a refund. You just have to give me the money back now. Otherwise, I went to the Public Security Bureau report, he was very angry, kicked me out of group. From now on, ignore me.

was 07 years, there are a lot of people selling can make money online creative projects online, propaganda slogans are earning 500 yuan earn 1000 yuan, is very attractive, many want to online business people who have bought these so-called Wangzhuan creativity, including me, in fact I was very they suspect is a lie, but the curious thing is really strange, knowing that there may not be such a good thing, but must let yourself dream rush into danger to try, if the case is true, then I will be rich.

1. extended elastic buckle? Since the statistics of 10 thousand, Union statistics that only recorded 5 thousand
2. ad Click 10 thousand times is from statistics, federation said that only 5 thousand are effective click
3. ringtone last week or 10 thousand every day, this week became the 5 thousand day of
4. in A Au do IVR song is 10 thousand minutes, 50 million minutes to do is   B

      a union administrator friend once said to me: " I listen to music station on the " site only in my league, you can understand; " I in the monitoring site for ", but you can also understand; " I am very concerned about the long " site in fact, in:; recently this year and a half, and in the event of stationmaster alliance, growth and profound changes. We also need to look at the old problems in a new light. For example: buckle amount. Don’t talk about the disadvantages today.

in addition, I tell people what are the real ways to start a business. These include going to Taobao stores, making personal websites, and then putting on shlf1314 AdSense to earn advertising fees. Why would I let them do this? The first is because of this

it’s a very complicated matter to confirm the standard of the effect and whether or not to deduct the amount.
to confirm whether the amount of deduction, now the webmaster, is the most important? "

How to face the quantity problem of

was my heart that, pull pull cool, cool, indescribably afflictive, first being scam heart is not a taste, want to report it, to the hundreds of dollars of public security can not know each other? And what people to report is not shameful. Bad, just accept it.

see the Internet there are a lot of people in the sale of such items, and sell be in full swing, I suddenly had a terrible idea, I want to sell the project, not to sell, sold to a person, I was cheated of the money back on the line, but then I thought, no, I can’t do this. A man to do something, do not give yourself innocent life with such a dirty.

brothers, do you think the above situation which is the deduction amount?
station and union party settlement, is generally based on the statistics system the league as the standard deduction amount refers to the union party to reduce the number of private station side to promote the effect of behavior.

The effect of

soon, a new idea came to my mind, this idea is not a lie, do not break the law, and I think it can help me to earn a little money, a year after the fact that this idea is very correct, it really helped me a small amount of money.

1. Really have black heart buckle amount?! Represent the moon, BS it!
2. This alliance is really not, the effect is so bad, the A League has 10 thousand minutes, B league only 5 thousand minutes, it should have been eliminated!
3. The effect is different.     to the history of SMS monthly service, for example, a 72 hours do not unsubscribe new users remember effect, a new user to remember effect. The effect quantity is certainly not the same. This is difficult, that is, between the League to do product comparison, but also a lot of effort in order to engage in fine chu.

is what I do, I wrote a book, the content is how to tell network business people to prevent being cheated, in my personal experience, experience, plus I collected a lot of people cheated on the Internet experience, summed up a set of methods of anti cheating.

in the European Union;The

What is the amount of

alliance and the site is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, if there is no alliance, site revenues could decline, if not the site, how the alliance can survive? This kind of thinking, in the 07 year of the industry reflects the very obvious alliance. An alliance that can’t be recognized by the site is not a good league.

number of why the gap so large?
oh. It’s really a difficult question to explain. I wish I could explain it succinctly and figuratively.

I spent 700 yuan to buy a price of 2000 yuan guarantee that their project Wangzhuan method can earn 500 yuan every day I pay the church, I was added to a so-called internal training group, got a job on how to soccer gambling sites abroad cheat the cheat bonus, then this the data has been on the Internet is open, sh419 can search, I received the information to see that I was cheated, immediately asked him to give me a refund, because when he promised to pay within three days unconditional refund.

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