YAHOO CEO attract more clicks, optimistic about the new search advertising systemThe analytical flow

today everyone here to explain why the alliance will make money flow, and the influence of greater union earn more money.

Last month’s report from

let’s take traffic alliance, take 779, this page is advertising exchange traffic, that is to say it has two kinds of users, one is selling traffic, the traffic is released to this page, click on income generating groups, another group, is to rely on the purchase of a flow. Then put on your own ads, of course, among them there is a zhoupapi, that is advertising, advertising is to earn the difference flow.

Schimmel said, "I’m very happy and excited.".

there are two words is the most important one, is the network’s success can be replicated, the second sentence is that they can not do things done by someone else.

By placing ads in the user’s search results, bus

to sell the flow of people, these people have high flow, the flow of skills on them, and high flow techniques, this kind of person is worth.

to buy the flow of people, their current terminal is certainly profitable, if the investment of 10 yuan, to earn 9 yuan, it is a to do, as an occupation businessman, always put profit in the first place, so he invested 10 yuan, his income will be more than 10 yuan in other words, that is to say, is now displayed in the ads on this page, are profitable.

comScore Networks showed that Panama has increased the number of subscribers to pay per click links. In the first week after the release of the new system, YAHOO users who clicked on ads grew by 5%, up 9% in second weeks.

so the profit is always seen. But we have no intention to see. In fact, the profit is everywhere, only to see how you do

then we analyze these three people what knowledge is worth learning.

YAHOO officials have previously said that Panama’s ability to obtain more advertising revenue will accelerate growth in the second half of the company.


because these ads are not brand, so long as we copy their contents, copies of their products, or get their products purchase channels, so as to obtain their income, as long as our investment flow, as can be to obtain income.

thus, as long as we go to copy their success, we can get them as high income, so you can study others carefully advertising, because of their traffic is to buy, whether they are profitable advertising.

, like shlf1314’s system, introduced Panama in February 5th, allowing advertisers to buy search keywords based on popularity. It is the key to YAHOO’s competitive strategy with its faster growing rival, shlf1314.

Mel, YAHOO’s chairman and chief executive of the event said Wednesday, very satisfied with the progress he has made to the new Web and shlf1314 in order to better compete and launched a search advertising system.Speaking at a media conference,

Schimmel said that when YAHOO announced its first quarter of the industry, the new search advertising system, called Project Panama, would bring very exciting numbers.

, Schimmel said, "we have set such a goal at first, and now we can say our goal is to narrow the gap with shlf1314, and Panama has done the job well.".

searches can bring revenue to YAHOO and other Internet Co. Each time a user clicks on a paid link, YAHOO charges a portion of the fee, so increasing the correlation and increasing the number of ads can help increase revenue.

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