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two: how to achieve profitable Internet business?

we want to have a slice of our own sky on the Internet. We want to make money through the Internet and want to make money through the website. So how can we achieve profitability, what is our profit with? Whether they have the resources, whether they have quality products, whether they can provide better service? But most grassroots entrepreneurs lack these things, then what we are to achieve profitability?

in fact, we found that many Internet entrepreneurs want to start with a webmaster, more and more network companies play advertising: typing will be built. This also tells us, make a website is very simple, plus most friends can run their own website part-time, but spend a domain name, a space of hundreds of dollars, and. Perhaps it is because of such a number of reasons that more and more network entrepreneurs choose the way of the webmaster.

a few days ago Adsense may focus on an important message, DCCI Internet Data Center released "2013-2014 China webmaster * cross year micro – Data" report, data show that more than half of the station located in Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong; we are still on the mobile watching; many webmaster friends or in alone 5 and below the small team state of operation, nearly 8 of the daily PV5000; although the webmaster profit model tend to diversification, advertising accounted for the decline; but most of the webmaster or not profitable.

Feng Xin familiar people know that he loves reading, so the point of the young artists of the fan, but recently he is the most studied Book forecast in 2045, computer intelligence will exceed human "near the singularity".

when "virtual reality" encounters "singularity approaching",

is not only a computer, Feng Xin will only use Android mobile phone, never iPhone, the reason is more shocking: a

1: Internet business must persist in the end.

first studied the proximity of the singularity, but also because Feng Xin encountered a very tangled problem, how to improve the user experience of storm images.

through the DCCI Internet data center data, we will also find some problems, the operation of the site is not so simple, want to profit through the site is not so simple. So, want to make friends through the Internet, want to profit through the site this piece of friends, how far can we go?. Guardian Yuan Kun some ideas, I hope we can discuss.


‘s success, but one factor is shared by all who succeed: that is, stick to it. Every successful person will encounter all kinds of difficulties, however, how many people can persist? Many bottlenecks of Web site operators to a certain stage, do not know how better to profit, do not know how to break through. Webmaster online every day so many sell station, I believe we will be very clear.

in the impetuous Internet circle, Feng Xin rarely seen, Xiao see an interview with Feng Xin recently also in 2011, Feng Xin at that time strongly recommend his video optimization function left key, and this time, Feng Xin is going to talk about Xiao look is the virtual reality is now rising.

virtual reality, which has existed for decades in various forms of technology, because the industrial environment is not mature, there has been no direct to the consumer market, and now the giants around a virtual reality arms race already kicked off, including Samsung, SONY, shlf1314 and Oculus are trying to put the virtual reality technology integrated into the games, social networking and mobile platform.

three: the stationmaster is leaving

too! The office of There are many factors in

relative to most grassroots, enter the Internet business may be the first or most willing to contact the webmaster. After all, it’s really easy to install a website right now. Guard yuan Kun found that we might think that the website has been done, and advertising and so on will be profitable. Most of the Internet entrepreneurs from the webmaster or service to start, the webmaster’s home and A5 these two industries have become webmaster friends get the carrier of resources. How far can we go today when the site is becoming more and more difficult?

big two pieces only monotone table, a tea table, decorated with tea, love tea and Feng Xin, employees or visiting guests to sit at the table chatting, talk about things, another table in addition to display several Ling scattered documents, no other.

this is the book for Feng Xin to read

as such an entrepreneur, you can hardly connect with the field where he is engaged in a highly competitive internet.

Feng Xin also hopes to put themselves on the virtual reality technology dream reengineering the next storm, this seemingly stupid drop even a little taste of the "copycat" storm mirror become Feng Xin now most concerned about the product, although the Lei mercilessly poured cold water: at best is a toy, but not Feng Xin’s determination.

Abstract: Feng Xin to do is put it down to the threshold can not be lower, you only need to wear special storm mirror, open App intelligent mobile phone, mirror through the optical lens and can realize the users’senses upgrade, the effect of virtual reality can be simple experience of immersion, cost only 99 yuan.

in the Internet BOSS, Feng Xin is an alternative.

can say, look at Xiao visited many Internet heavyweights, BOSS, Feng Xin is not only put the computer in the Office including notebook, or "abnormal" to all the mail, the important documents to print out the assistant to let him review and signature.

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