Universe are you still complaining about the experience shared by othersThe crazy Taobao project tea


releases the product in our own Taobao store, opens your promotion commodity link, directly sells the product which the shopkeeper sells the related information to duplicate completely including the text introduction, the picture and so on. You can change the name slightly, the price is set at 90%, he sells 100, the same thing you sell 90.

no nonsense, go straight to the point. Before the project starts, let’s first analyze what is the core factor of making a Taobao customer.

hasn’t been here for a long time. A5 wrote something. The habit of lighting a cigarette, sipping a faint green tea, seems to have returned to the A5 in the era of crazy soft hair. It’s nice to finish this feeling.

4., your product is very good, because you have chosen Taobao is selling thousands of pieces of goods.

as an example, began in recent months, Baidu for new sites appeared today and tomorrow and included deleted, and soon there are many webmaster friends to share their experiences, I see more than once in the webmaster nets and other places, then I find in the promotion of 51 ah Internet shopping navigation also encountered such a situation, I through the analysis and through friends and write carefully after the implementation of the related advice they provide a method after easily solve this problem, but most of the people who complain about their problems solved in the no, I want to ask you a question: you have to carefully to share experience to do? Do promotion for a long time after found himself with the work method before you have seen, not just at that time Heart to see, to do. In private, to keep up with the first well-known tea when Lin Qingshui exchanges, we also lamented that they feel very clever promotion techniques, in fact, predecessors have long shared. Just don’t do it with your heart.

every day 20 selling a product oiwn Taobao shop, 10 days later, you will have 200 goods, slowly begins to have to patronize the shop, with your customers time and more.

maybe you’ll ask, "I don’t have anything to sell,

as we all know, there are many ways to do Taobao, and there are also related courses on the official website. Overall: intention group, blog group, Taobao railway station, serialized soft text, mass software, and so on, all good. These methods, each method has a field Master in operation, and in a huge profits. New people want to do it. It’s not easy to tell the truth, so teach everyone a way of my own.

crazy Taobao guest practices:

2. Taobao customers at the same time, his Taobao shop reputation raised up a drill of the Taobao store, almost stable monthly income in 1000, and used this method to drill only about half a month.

this is too simple, whenever someone in your shopping, you directly find the corresponding Taobao customer link point into, take the goods of the original shopkeeper, delivery address, fill in your customer address, Ok.

potential customers,

saying I agree with SEO method, you also need to watch the execution, experience more, others teach you more knowledge, you do not go out to practice is of no use in the end, when others are in progress or in place when you continue to complain about others. I also hope that the new line of friends and impetuous friends can really understand the experience shared by others. Don’t just look at the surface. Finally, good luck to the SEOER,

project benefits:

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you spend 50%-70% of money to buy products, sold at 90% price, so simple. And also eliminates the trouble of logistics, you do not have to send goods, you do not need to edit the introduction of goods, do not you work hard to promote Taobao customers, to do is just copy other people’s products down, hand over to earn a difference.

1., when more and more goods, you can do without publicity, every day there is a steady sales. Taobao itself flow is very large, customer orientation, intent is strong, 10 times higher than the average promotion rate

we are in a lot of places will see that SEO is actually what is the details of the details of the fight, in fact is that when you see the details? An empirical articles if you have very good understanding that he will not say if you don’t think you understand it to carefully analyze the inside, or to consult with the author, humbly ask. Then go to practice for your website. Details of attention, in fact, is the mentality of the adjustment process, less impetuous, more modest, when you are still complaining about other people’s share of experience, nothing new, your opponent may have been seriously implemented. When you begin to learn to look at others with gratitude, you may feel that SEO is not such a bad thing. And then you really begin to step into the SEO gate.

3. do not have to promote their own, the use of Taobao traffic to do Taobao customers. Relatively relaxed.

daily to the webmaster nets see what things can learn what lessons can be learned has become a habit, and I also really through friends share the experience learned a lot of things, but the veteran who knows there will always be people complaining: how is this one, can not change something new, like this blame veterans share are common are they feel useless things. Today I will refute these impetuous webmaster and promotion personnel.

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Where are the

5. eliminates the troublesome steps of logistics.

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