Dried food! Four major teaching modes of online education

as we all know, behind the ups and downs of every industry, there is a business tycoon to promote, the same, the teaching industry is still the case. With the New Oriental market, supplementary industry into the regular army, but also to let the market competition more and more, and now the rise of online education, for the opportunity to become ambitious education industry once again, everyone wants to be in the field of online education and even subvert the New Oriental, new oriental. Such as Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan created the ladder network, Hua Yuan Education Group branch president Zhang Xiaolong to join the ape exam, the former CEO of New Oriental Chen Xiangdong formed who learn with net.


education online education and offline teaching scene changes, or even change the nature, but there are still some things that have not changed, such as the education teaching mode, online education to undertake the line of education teaching mode, change the regional differences, resulting in huge, see online education four in the teaching mode, the depth of interpretation of online education are mainly following! Live online video recording, except the general video recording is the basic teaching mode, so there is no need to discuss.

1. Large class teaching

online features: Free based, non regional, time relaxed.

offline features: pay attention to, emphasizing regional;

online education and offline education is the biggest feature of learning online, and will gather students from all over the country to a place for training, and low cost. When online, we often take part in some large open classes, or lecture courses, but will be held in place on the line, do not need tedious search site, site layout, and personnel placement, and on-site equipment debugging and so on. As in China map education, can not avoid the long held open class or lecture, each hold is a complicated arrangement, but once arranged to live online courses or when YY live, the whole course for many simple, and could spare time and greatly increase the controllability.

in online education, is a public class or broadcast programs based teaching class, and the general price is free, because the class teaching mode is very difficult to take care of each student’s needs, so the teacher can only according to their own judgment to teach courses, therefore more inclined to basic courses, and then to study courses that is the stage of popularization of education.

and if the large class is a paid course, then the price is generally low, but the advantage is that the teacher’s curriculum can be reused, or it can be prepared for later free. Such as Bayesian network look, pay the course and free course number will see the results.

line group class course is unable to copy, so no lesson has a number of restrictions, so in the popularization of the above, the line is not compared with the line, which is one reason why most of the mechanism of traditional education courses rarely use large classes, but there are exceptions. For example, some time ago, Jia Lang intends to take advantage of the free time to learn, "

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