The old saying goes again the stationmaster insists, it is kingly way.

webmaster in outsiders seems to be a show off professional ah, but this show off, but with a lot of hard ah?. I’m afraid we have these personal experience of the webmaster, they only know.

remember the year before last July 7th, I bought my first virtual space and the first domain name, and began my career as a webmaster. Set up its own first web site. In the course of this site, I was lucky to know the "ascension of anger" and "border". One of them is closely related to the construction of my website. One gave me great help in website promotion. On the same site step will fire up, can be home for my good times don’t last long after the election the way let me go to the army. When I get the news, what I think of first is what websites I have worked hard to build. Later, for a variety of reasons, I still cruel to buy it. So, webmaster life left me for a while.

I’ve got another idea for building websites this year, and this idea is getting stronger. In this way, my new station has been built, but in retrospect, how can I sell my own efforts?. Regret ah, but what is the use of regret, after all, that has become the past, I can only blame I did not adhere to. Now go to work, think of their own web site, every day only know updated content, every day silly watching website statistics. But this life, I feel very happy, very substantial. Do not stand in order to make money, not necessarily for the famous, more for their own share of interest, that hobby.

here I want to talk about the webmaster for their own interests, or other reason you insist! 2008 is coming to an end, time is too precious, do not wait, do I want to do, I believe you will succeed!

AD:QQ hacker network finally, we do not throw eggs ha.

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